New York Jets must go all in on Le’Veon Bell and not make excuses

Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

With the legal tampering period set for Monday and free agency to open Wednesday, the New York Jets must go all in for Le’Veon  Bell, period.

Free agency is almost here. Monday starts the negotiating period and Wednesday is when things become official. The waiting is almost over, New York Jets fans. Can you believe it?

Well I write this tonight because I have started to see a narrative write itself among some Jets fans that is troubling. Fans are coming up with reasons why the Jets should not sign Le’Veon Bell.

This is the wrong way to think, folks. They should go all in for this guy. It may not work, but they have to do everything they can to sign him.

Takes have included that Bell is only a product of his offensive line, that he is too old, and even that Tevin Coleman would be a smarter option.

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This just needs to stop, folks.

Sam Darnold needs elite playmakers around him. Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson don’t fit that bill. Neither does Chris Herndon, yet.

Le’Veon Bell is by far the most elite playmaker available. Tevin Coleman is not even close.

Bell’s rushing ability speaks for itself. For his career he has averaged 86.1 yards per game on the ground.

He’s had two seasons over 80 yards per game, one over 90 yards per game, and one over 105 yards per game.

In Tevin Coleman’s best year he rushed for 800 yards. Bell has been over 1,200 yards on three separate occasions.

Bell is also a top receiver. He has posted seasons of 75, 83 and 85 receptions. Coleman has never caught more than 32 passes in a year. Add to that the fact that Bell is a solid pass blocker.

Do we really have to talk about this? This is the type of player the Jets haven’t seen on their roster in many years. Le’Veon Bell is the player that will open things up for all of the Jets other weapons and will make Darnold’s life far easier than it was in 2018.

The age argument is very silly. Le’Veon Bell is 27. Tevin Coleman is about to turn 26. Is this really something to talk about? Come on now.

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Now, the Pittsburgh offensive line is good. Granted. So maybe Bell wouldn’t run for 1,300 yards immediately as the Jets line improves.

Does anyone really think Bell will turn into a 600 yard rusher with the Jets? Of course not. Even if he ran for 900-1,100 yards and scored six touchdowns Bell would be the best running back the Jets have seen in years. Add those receptions and he would make fans very happy.

People often talk about the culture. “Don’t sign Bell. He is all about himself. He is not a good locker room guy.” People go on and on about the culture.

Enough. You know what fixes the culture of a team? Winning football games. The Jets would do that a lot more with Le’Veon Bell on the team.

They may not get him. They can’t force him to sign. But they have to go all out to get him and not make any excuses. This is the time to get Sam Darnold what he needs to win.

There are no more excuses.