New York Jets: Pump the breaks on D.K. Metcalf despite the Combine

D.K. Metcalf.(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
D.K. Metcalf.(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

After his performance at the NFL Combine, New York Jets fans are selling D.K.   Metcalf to the hilt, and they need to pump the breaks a bit.

At the NFL Combine, there are always performances that get talked about. Performances that end up thrusting a player’s value skyward and earning him a high draft pick. The New York Jets, among others, are looking for just that type of player.

Well D.K. Metcalf looks like a player that fit that bill this weekend. The Jets took notice of his 40 yard dash time. It was huge, being 4.33. This just in, that’s a really fast time. Clearly, Metcalf can fly.

Jets fans were all a buzz following the performance. Our friends at the Jet Press speculated that Metcalf might be worth choosing at number three. They believe his performance should shoot him into the top five come the NFL draft.

In reaction to that, I say, “Whoa, just wait a minute. Let’s not get carried away.”

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Yes, his performance at Indianapolis was more than impressive. 4.33 in the 40 yard dash is amazing. For a guy at 6-3, 228 pounds it’s even more impressive.

27 bench press reps shows elite strength as well. Don’t forget a 40 inch vertical.

He did look terrific during the events of the weekend.

But we have to remember what the Combine really is. It’s basic information that doesn’t always translate to on-field skills.

First of all, think about straight line speed. Does that really translate into a game? Other than a “go” route, when does a receiver simply need straight-line speed?

The ability to run routes is simply more important. A receiver needs the ability to create space for himself. He needs speed within the route.

Running straight down the field is not a skill that is used that often. It’s fun to watch, but just doesn’t mean much.

The same goes for the bench press. It is flashy, and being strong doesn’t hurt when going up against a defensive back. But, the ability to lift weights is more impressive than it is useful when it comes to football.

Next. Jets draft priorities. dark

D.K. Metcalf left college following his sophomore season. He has played a total of 19 games in his college career. That is a limited amount of experience and one could certainly argue that another season at the college level would be beneficial.

He has also never been a number one, playing as the second best receiver at Ole Miss. He never posted more than 39 catches or 646 yards in a season. His career average per reception is 18.3 which clearly shows talent. Metcalf is still a little raw.

Here is some footage:

Metcalf’s ability to fly is evident on this video. His hands are also terrific as he made at least one catch using just one hand in this video.

However, his route tree is limited. Metcalf, at this point runs one route well, going deep. He doesn’t seem to run other routes well. He needs to sharpen up his route running skills.

He also doesn’t sell things well if the ball isn’t going his way. Metcalf needs to have that motor running full force on every down, not just downs where they called his number.

If the Jets trade back? Maybe. But this isn’t the number three pick, sorry.