New York Red Bulls: Red Bulls’ biggest storylines to follow in 2019

New York Red Bulls. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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New York Red Bulls
New York Red Bulls. Kaku (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Summer transfer window could be important.

The MLS primary transfer window has come and gone already, but to say the Red Bulls didn’t get tested would be a stretch. The Red Bulls had to turn down some serious offers for Kaku and they almost lost him.

Now, the business side to soccer, and the business model of what the MLS is becoming is wildly complicated even beyond my comprehension at some point, but basically, a Liga MX club offered the Red Bulls a lot of money for the right to Kaku. Or at least that is the gist of it.

However, when it came to the offers for Kaku, I would like to believe it was not about the money, the Red Bulls have money and could always use more. I just think, in my opinion they know they needed him for this early stretch of the season.

Can the Red Bulls ever afford to lose Kaku?. light. More

They for sure needed him in the first round of the Champions League and will be glad to have him as they prepare for the quarterfinals of that tournament just mere hours after the MLS seasons kicks off in Columbus.

They know that having a player of his caliber is important, and they know they will need their depth overall to fit the schedule.

However, the secondary transfer window this summer will be a whole different demon. And per Kristian Dyer of the Athletic (subscription required), there is a chance that happens:

"“That means there may be a looming creative void in the midfield should he [Kaku] transfer during the summer window.”"

If the offers that rolled in this offseason roll in again, the Red Bulls should, at that point, bite. The CCL will be well over for them by then, and the MLS Season will be heating up, but the Red Bulls will know where they stand.

Although Kaku does take up one of the designated player spots, and the team is incredibly hight on his talent, there is a price for him. That is money the Red Bulls could use down the road should they accept a transfer. With that kind  of money, he will be easier to replace.

There is no guarantee Kaku will want to even leave and no guarantee  the Red Bulls would finally just let him get transferred. There is a change everything is just going so well they don’t fix what is not broken.

However, this summer could get very interesting, and every day from July 9 to August 9 could be an agonizing game of cat and mouse with Kaku and the Red Bulls.

Don’t think for a second that is not an important storyline as the season gets underway.