New York Islanders: Everyone relax, the Islanders’ true test hasn’t happened yet

New York Islanders.(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
New York Islanders.(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

Perhaps the best thing about New York Islanders fans is their raw passion for their hockey team. While the angst might be high right now after some losses and the deadline, there is no reason to worry just yet.

The New York Islanders of the past four games have been far from the team that once sat atop the Metro Division comfortably for months. Throw in the team’s recent play, along with staying put on the deadline and there are obvious reason to begin doubting. I fully understand that.

After all, the Islanders have not made the playoffs in two seasons, still have an incomplete roster, and did nothing to get better while the rest of the Division around them splurged at the deadline. Now, I am not going to get into what doing nothing at the deadline means again, this article isn’t about that.

What this article is about is their last four games. In the last four games, the three before the deadline and the first right after, the Islanders are 1-2-1. However, the record doesn’t match the play. Just watching them, they look off.

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The game vs the Flames at home all but ended after a lazy too many men penalty killed their comeback bid. Their OT loss was the product of a failure to match the star power of Connor McDavid in Edmonton. The Flames, another first place team who did little at the deadline, exposed them twice.

So yeah, I totally get the angst of the Islanders fans right now, just look at the replies to the team’s tweets to see what I’m talking about. However, there is only reason to panic and complain if they can’t get over the hump of what this weekend will bring, three straight vs East Conference opponents at home.

But that begins on Thursday. More importantly, the recent stretch of poor play isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the Isles this year. Against the Pacific Division this year, the Islanders are 8-6-1. So, the 1-2-1 is not too far off the course. That is based on the whole season too. Even before these four games they were not that great against that division.

Just to add more, against the Central, where the Isles have already been swept by the Predators, they are 7-4-1. They are 6-4-4 against the Atlantic and 15-5-1 within the Metro Division. So, the hardest opponents for them play are in the Pacific. This four game stretch while ill-timed and difficult to watch, is not any reason to concern. That division is the thorn in their side.

Really any hinderance that not trading at the deadline will cause, will not be felt until a few weeks down the road once they start seeing more familiar opponents. They have already played every team in the NHL at least once.

The Islanders haven’t looked great, so there are reasons to start doubting, it has been a long time since the Isles have proved you shouldn’t doubt. However, the real test for the Isles and their unorthodox deadline tactics will not be tested until they play the Maple Leafs, Capitals, Flyers then Ottawa twice in the next five. If the Isles struggle in all of those games, a much larger and more standard sample size, then yeah, it’ll be time to worry, like a lot.

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So for now, just relax. I understand how difficult it is to love this team, but let’s look at the facts here. If things fall apart this year, it’ll be a slow burn. The Isles have some points banked and some big games coming up. Let’s see how this will go. It’ll probably hurt us all like usual but crazier things have happened.