New York Islanders: Three non-rentals the Isles should target at the deadline

New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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New York Islanders.
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Ilya Kovalchuk

This is a name that Lou Lamoriello is synonymous with. After all, it was Lou who gave Ilya Kovalchuk a 17 year contract. This was when Kovy was in his prime and Lou was still running the show in Jersey. Had that all worked out, the last year of the contract would have been old enough to get a driver’s license in that state.

Anyway, this will always be intriguing for the Islanders and their fans. It is par for the course at this point that Lou brings in talent he is familiar with and once trusted in. That is why the Islanders got Matt Martin back and signed Leo Komarov in the offseason. Much like them, Kovalchuk could be a Lou type of guy.

The only issue with Kovalchuk is that his best days are behind him. Before this season he spent time out of the league and he is 35 years old. Also, his short tenure with the Kings has been lackluster. This season, he has just 28 points in 51 games.

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However, he fits the theme of the Islanders so far. Once again, this can all trace back to the Barzal line. The Islanders have been putting their young talent on the lines with veterans like Komarov and/or Valtteri Filppula. So, bringing in Kovy could be a change of pace for young talent and Kovy could be an experienced winger for Barzal.

Lou knows what he has in Kovy and would know exactly what to do with him. Kovalchuk helped lead the Lou built Devils to a Stanley Cup and had not Kovy “retired” prematurely that whole thing could have been successful.

The best part is Kovalchuk would be singed for two more years beyond this one and the Kings could be so desperate to trade him and get younger, they could offer to pay up some of his $6.25M cap hit.

The Islanders would likely not have to give up much for him, either. The Kings might just want some draft picks in the mid-rounds and maybe a young player like Josh Ho-Sang for him. That helps both teams shed players with baggage.

All of this, like usual with these kind of players, is barring the Kings and the player and whether or not they want to trade him or get traded. But, a reunion with Lou on the Island could be in the works. It wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Isles to pick up the phone and try to make this happen.