New York Islanders: Buy one, sell one, and keep one as the deadline approaches

New York Islanders. #7 (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
New York Islanders. #7 (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /
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New York Islanders.
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Keep Nelson.

Again, this is all just to more kind of assess the Islanders needs and breakdown what is realistic, not really about as much demand. But, the Islanders should keep Brock Nelson. While Nelson is far from anyone’s favorite player, and even someone who I thought should have been traded at the beginning of the season, he needs to be kept.

Now, there is a solid chance there isn’t a crazy high demand for Nelson to begin with, but every NHL team could use a center. The Islanders have one in Nelson. Nelson has been doing a solid job as a top six center. He is easily moveable too based on whatever Trotz wants to do.

Earlier in the season, Nelson was someone who definitely seemed expendable. However, that was when it looked as if the Islanders would begin rebuilding and be shipping off talent. Now, this is not me saying the Nelson should be given the bank to return to the Island at season’s end, this is me just saying he is important for the rest of this season.

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Nelsons’ 39 points through 59 games this season is nothing iconic. Especially when considering inconsistency has been such a struggle his whole career, I just think that if the Islanders do not land a center at the deadline, or can’t find someone more productive than Nelson, that they can’t afford to lose him right now.

Center is not the biggest need on the Islanders which I will get into later, but losing a guy like Nelson right now wouldn’t do the Islanders any favors.

Also, I know what you might be thinking, Anders Lee is a free-agent, how is he not the one to keep? That is a fair question and a huge elephant in the room for the Islanders right now. But I think there is much higher chance, granted this is all theoretical to begin with, that the Isles would actually consider trading Nelson, never Lee.

So, keeping Lee is essentially a lock. Out of all the players the Islanders could even potentially sell for some type of return, Nelson is a name that comes to mind. The Isles need to keep him. He is a part of this team’s Cup run.

Nelson isn’t wildly productive but he is a solid, capable center who is easy to move around. The Isles need to try to keep around if they can.

Also, please note, I am aware Robin Lehner is a free-agent to be, but it’s safe to say the Isles have found their goalie tandem of the future, much like Lee, it’s a given he stays.

Now, to follow this up, you’ll see which upcoming free agents the Islanders could afford to move on from should that situation present itself.