EWB Power Rankings: New York Islanders, Brooklyn Nets, NYCFC take top spots

New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

It might be a new month but that does not mean the New York Islanders and Brooklyn Nets are not the two best teams in New York right now, also, let’s welcome NYCFC to the party

The verdict, well my verdict is in and while NYCFC joins the elite this week, the city is still carried by its ‘little brothers’ in the New York Islanders and Brooklyn Nets.

First off, let me pull back the curtain for a second and tell you about my Tuesday. It started with me being reminded that is has been seven years to the day since the last major New York sports title. I could not even drive a car yet when that happened. I can no order a beer at a bar.

Then, once that was over the teams that are trying to get that elusive next NY title, stunk up the joint. We had three teams play Tuesday night, the night these rankings are written and all three of them lost.

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It was a pretty rough sports night for pretty much everyone involved. As a result, I will not relent on these rankings. There is some hope left, but not really.

Let’s just get this over with, shall we?

106. The Islanders did have a solid last seven days. While another loss to the Bruins halted an eight game point streak, the Isles ended the night still in first place. On Friday, they forced the offensively competent Lightning to a shootout after a 0-0 draw after 105 minutes of hockey. Then, they quickly recovered to beat the<a rel=. . Previous: . Team that is in first place in the Metro. 1. team

The Nets are down, but not out. While the Nets are reminding their fans what a losing streak is once again, they banked enough games when they were hot and healthy to still be in a playoff spot which is still better than most other active NY teams . Also, <a rel=. . Previous: . BrookWIN Nets. 2. team. 147

43. Let’s give the Yankees five on the same merit of the Mets. They are literally a baseball team. There is always drama surrounding the Yankees yet they will win 100 games so nothing even worth getting into. We count down the days until Spring Training. Go baseball! Oh, that Manny Muchado Machado guy, something like that, still has not signed. The Yanks should probably get on that.. . Previous: . Yankees. 5. team

Jets can have six because I am out of baseball teams to talk about. In no way should I divulge into a conversation about the Long Island Ducks, although they are awesome. But, the Jets can take this slot because <a href=. . Previous: . Jets. 6. team. 30

team. 16. The Patriots might have just won their sixth total and played in their third straight Super Bowl, but the Bills still hold the record for playing in four straight. And until next year <a href=. . Previous: 10th. Where chicken wings were founded Bills. 7

Offensive Rookie of the Year's team. 8. team. 31. Let’s get the football teams out of the way. Maybe <a rel=. . Previous: 11th

team. 95. Rangers did beat the Devils in the last seven days but in zero ways should I reward them, or any team for that. I won’t even reward the Devils for beating themselves like they constantly do. The Rangers are in the midst of a multi-year roster turnover. Things will take time. There are spurts of greatness here and there but the losses always find their way to strike. <a rel=. . Previous: . New York Rangers. 10

team. 85. Rangers-Devils Devils-Rangers they are all mashing together at this point. The Devils continue to have no defense, they gave up five goals to the Kings, THE KINGS, a mere hour before I wrote these rankings. The Devs are sitting pretty in last place in the Metro and <a rel=. . Previous: . It's not the old Jersey, but the new Jersey Devils. 11

New York Tankers. -100. team. 27. The Knicks have lost 14 games in a row. Not 11, not 7. FOURTEEN basketball games in a row. There is tanking and there is not even pretending to care. I am not one to accuse professional athletes of not trying. They work super hard and I admire that, but if they don’t want me even joking about not trying then play better. This tank has gone from awesome to pathetic from sad to awesome to just debilitating now. Oh, they traded <a rel=. . Previous:

Well, there you have it another EWB Power Rankings. This times things are getting dark again. Only a changing of the active sports flipping into the playoffs or offseason can change the tide.

Maybe the baseball and soccer teams will give this market something to get behind. Until then just watch the Islanders.

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Things have to get better, right? I think I’d go crazy if they didn’t.