New York Jets: Kevin Mawae takes his rightful place in the Hall of Fame

Kevin Mawae #68 of the New York Jets Mandatory Credit: Jon Ferry /Allsport
Kevin Mawae #68 of the New York Jets Mandatory Credit: Jon Ferry /Allsport /

After five tries for the New York Jets former center, Kevin  Mawae, he finally gets the call from the Hall of Fame that he so rightly deserves.

Last night, the fourth player to spend their prime years with the New York Jets joined the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Previously, Joe Namath, Don Maynard and Curtis Martin were the three Hall of Famers that spent their best years with the Jets.

Well add Kevin Mawae to that list:

The former center spent eight years with the Jets from 1998-2005 before giving way to the Jets’ next great center, Nick Mangold.

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After being on the ballot five times and being a finalist three times, Mawae finally got what he deserved.

Kevin Mawae deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and now he is.

It is never easy to quantify and rank linemen since they don’t put up stats the way skilled position players and defenders do.

So what we can do is look at how others performed thanks to the lineman.

For example, everywhere Kevin Mawae went there were 1,000 yard rushers.

Chris Warren did it twice during Mawae’s Seattle days. Martin did it behind Mawae seven times in New York.

Travis Henry did it once with the Titans and Chris Johnson did it twice, all behind the great Kevin Mawae.

The other way we can really compute the value of an offensive lineman is in postseason awards. How often was he recognized as one of the best?

Mawae was a first team All-Pro three times and a Pro Bowler eight times. Let’s compare that to modern-day centers in the Hall before Kevin:

Are Mawae’s numbers the best of this group? No, but that is why players appear on the ballot more than once. Are they comparable with the players in this group? They are right up there with the very best ever to do it.

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That is why three times is a charm for Kevin Mawae. Well three times as a finalist anyway. Every place Mawae ended up, the offense was better because of his presence. He paved the way for some of the best running backs of his era and his numbers compare with the greats.

Kevin Mawae’s bust will take its place with the best every to play this great game. It’s about time, and it is very well deserved.