Brooklyn Nets: Nets should trade for Aaron Gordon before the trade deadline

Aaron Gordon (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Aaron Gordon (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /
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How this trade helps the Magic.

On the surface, this may not make much sense. Aaron Gordon is young and the Magic are rebuilding, plus they just signed him to a 4 year/$76 million extension this past offseason.

So why move someone who’s young and you just committed to. Right?

Well, it’s more complicated than that.

See, the Magic have a logjam in their front court. With the likes of Gordon, Nikola Vucevic, Jonathan Issac and Mo Bamba, there’s too many people and not enough minutes.

And while Gordon is a very good player, he doesn’t fit into the future plans of the Magic as much as Issac and Bamba, and isn’t as good as Vucevic.

If the Magic can get a great value back for Gordon, which they would in this trade, then it makes sense for them to pull the trigger.

They can use the assets they would acquire to further help their rebuild, like improving their guard play since they clearly have the front court down.

In taking on DeMarre Carroll and his expiring $15 million dollar contract, it also creates more options this summer to sign a free agent.

While I’m not assuming a top-notch free agent such as Kyrie Irving would sign with the Magic, it certainly would give them the flexibility to improve their overall roster.

They would also be getting back two younger players in Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Dzanan Musa, the latter of which the Nets drafted in the first round in this past year’s draft.

While the potential is there for the 19 year-old Musa to be a solid player, the 24 year-old Hollis-Jefferson is already a proven wing player who can defend.

Overall, this would be a solid get for the Magic on a player who is clogging up minutes for guys with arguably more potential than Gordon.