New York Knicks: Where the Knicks currently stand in the NBA’s tanking war

New York Knicks (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
New York Knicks (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

The New York Knicks are coming off another heft yloss at home on Sunday night. The Knicks are tied for least amount of wins in the East. However, the NBA Tanking War is just beginning.

The New York Knicks head into the last week of January tied for the least amount of wins in the NBA.

Normally, that would sound glorious. The whole point of the Knicks’ season is the opposite of what the normalcy in sports is. The Knicks’ intention has become to lose games.

Coming off Sunday’s loss to the Heat in the Garden, the Knicks are 10-38 and have only won one game in the entire calendar year so far.

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So, point-blank, the tank is on. The Knicks are probably not trying to be this terrible, and it would be more encouraging to see more progress from the rookies resulting in wins, but that is just not the case.

Kevin Knox has hit a dry wall after his rookie of the month honors, Mitchell Robinson is just now getting back into a groove, and only Allonzo Trier is helping them come close to wins like recently vs the Rockets.

So, the focus of the season has even more so shifted to the NBA Draft and potential to get a guy like Zion Williamson.

The idea was to be terrible all year, per se. However, it just never actually felt real because for years now the Knicks have not been great, but not bad enough for hope of the top pick.

However, now it feels real. They are currently tied for the least amount of wins in the Eastern Conference. Only the Cavs have the same amount of wins as them.

However, as the NBA Season has hit well past the 41 game halfway mark, and continues to roll into February and the all-star game, the Knicks’ spot in second to last is not that safe.

In addition to being 10-38, there are other NBA teams who are not letting themselves get too far ahead of New York in the Standings.

The Suns, have more losses than the Knicks, but also just one more win at 11-41, at the time of this writing.

In addition to the Suns being in obvious “tank mode” there are other teams standing in the way from Zion being New York bound.

The Atlanta Hawks have 15 wins and 33 losses only five games up on the Knicks in the standings. The Hawks have not had the first overall pick since 1975. So maybe there is some good karma coming for them.

But, in between the Hawks and the Knicks, stands the Chicago Bulls. They have been free-falling just as much as the Knicks in the last 10 games as they are also 1-9 in those last 10.

The Bulls have some luck when it comes to the draft lottery.

They were basically gifted Michael Jordan when he didn’t go number one overall to them in 1984 and then when they got Derrick Rose #1 overall despite being the first team out of the playoffs in 2008.

Then, there are the Cavs who are only below the Knicks based on having more losses. They have made it to four straight NBA Finals going into this season, but with no LeBron James they are in a bad spot.

Since LeBron left for Miami the first time, the Cavs have been gifted in the lottery. As you probably remember, they have won the lottery three times since 2011 including three first overall picks.

As for the Knicks, they are still right on the cusp of being the worst team in the NBA. Even though it is a travesty that they still don’t have the worst record yet despite just one win in 2019, that is just the NBA now.

The Knicks, have not had the worst luck in the lottery, mostly because they have swung and missed on a lot of draft picks this decade, I’ll end that statement by mentioning Jordan Hill, but have not had the first overall picks since Patrick Ewing in  1985.

So, that is why the Knicks actually stand a chance in the lottery this season. Yes, they are not alone in the quest for Zion, but all the teams that are near them or below them are not owed any good karma of any sort.

Besides the Hawks, who are marginally better than the Knicks, the Knicks might be owed some more good karma over everyone else. They are also just the worst team.

It is likely the Cavaliers stay close in the tanking war with the Knicks, even though they just beat the Bulls.

Losing LeBron James is something that takes decades to recover from, but still might not be as bad as the ‘Bockers.

All the other teams close to them, have gotten their chance at a solid first overall selection recently.

While only fate knows where the Knicks ping pong balls win land on draft day, it is safer to assume the Knicks have a legit chance at the league’s worst record and at the first overall pick.

Based on where the Knicks currently stand in the NBA’s tank war, it seems like the Draft lottery might be the only thing the Knicks win this season.

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Losing the most games to win the lottery might be the best win of them all for the Knicks. The irony.