New York Jets: Fans, meet Ace Davis, Tom Brady hater from Kentucky

Most New York Jets fans don’t like Tom  Brady. Neither does Ace Davis, a ten-year old who through science proved interesting information about the quarterback.

New York Jets fans, let’s take a little break from talking about Adam Gase, Gregg Williams and all of the other staff changes for a few minutes. Time to talk about a story that I think we can all enjoy together.

Sunday night the world will be watching Tom Brady lead the Patriots in another Super Bowl. Brady has been a polarizing figure at times. He is the best to ever to do it to some, and to others he is someone that gets too many breaks. Tom is loved by some, hated by others.

Another topic of much debate is whether or not he cheated during the famous “Deflategate” scandal. Did he or didn’t he?

Well a young man from Kentucky falls on the side of Brady being a cheater. He doesn’t just think it, he did something about it.

This great kid was kind enough to sit down with me for a few quick minutes so I will let him tell the story:

Me: For anyone that hasn’t heard of you yet, tell my readers your name, how old you are, and what you proved about a certain Patriots’ quarterback.

Ace: My name is Ace Davis and I am ten years old. I proved that Tom Brady is a cheater with my Science Fair project.

Me: So what made you want to do this project, to get Tom Brady? How come?

Ace: My cousins. They’re really big Patriots fans.

Me: So why do you feel like this about Brady?

Ace:  We always see him in the Super Bowl. We always see him pull off some 70 yard bomb to Juilian Edelman.

Me: So which NFL team do you like?

Ace: The Buccaneers.

Me: Tell everyone about your experiment. How did you do it and what were the results?

Ace: So how I did it was, I took three balls, one was five pounds, one was seven pounds, and the other was nine pounds. We figured out that with the five-pound ball, you could throw it further, catch it easier and hit a target easier.

The seven pound ball was a little harder than the five-pound ball, but not as hard (as the nine pound ball).

The nine pound ball. Well, since I’m a quarterback I usually play with a nine pound ball so it wasn’t that hard for me. But it was still the hardest of the three.

Me: So now that you have finished your project, do you think the NFL will see it and use it to help bring down Brady?

Ace: I hope so.

Me: So now that you won the school fair and you are off to the district fair, are you going to win?

Ace: Yup.

Me: So have you thought about next year’s project? Is it going to be more about the Patriots or do you have no idea yet?

Ace: I don’t think I’m going to have a next year’s project.

Me: Now I know your message for Brady, I’ve read your answer to that. My question is this. Every time I talk to a Patriots fan and say that he cheated, they go, “No, he’s not a cheater. He would never cheat”. What would you say to them?

Ace: They’re liars. All of them are liars.

Me: What did you want to be when you grew up before you did the project, and has that changed since you did the project?

Ace: I haven’t changed anything. I still want to be a quarterback and have more rings than Tom Brady.

What a cool kid, right? Thanks to Ace for taking the time to talk with us. He’s been a pretty busy kid, making appearances on CNN and the Today Show among many other places. Thanks to his dad Christopher and to Jonah Brown for helping to make it happen.

Please check out his website right here. He’s got a live Super Bowl party coming as well as game updates. Take a look.

A simple attempt to pick on his cousins turned into a national story. Kids, take note. If you can dream it you can do it.