New York Giants: Lawrence Taylor blesses Giants fans with amazing Super Bowl themed tweet

New York Giants. Lawrence Taylor (Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty Images)
New York Giants. Lawrence Taylor (Photo by Ron Antonelli/Getty Images) /

The New York Giants do not have a lot of particular ties to the this Super Bowl, but Lawrence Taylor shared a glorious tweet reminding us that Bill Belichick is a human after all.

The New York Giants might be a whole different franchise if not for Lawrence Taylor and his unreal prowl on the defensive side of the football.

Lawrence Taylor, the New York Giants, and Super Bowl Championships go together like peanut butter, jelly and sliced bread.

Say what you want about Taylor’s troubles off the field, his talent almost always outweighed that.

The best, and perhaps worst thing at the same time, is that Taylor’s skill helped a specific coach emerge through the ranks and to the top of his profession.

That coach’s name is Bill Belichick and he was the defensive coordinator of the New York Football Giants from 1985 to 1990. He helped the Giants to their first of two Super Bowl titles.

Well, Bill Belichick is now the greatest coach of all time, based on the good old “winning” standard.

And while Billy is ready to lead his Patriots to their third straight and like one millionth total, Super Bowl, Taylor sent us a glorious reminder that even the best, and often most aloof coaches are human too.

I mean, this is a friendly reminder that Taylor was an absolute specimen.

But, the best part is that Bill Belichick seems to be cracking what seems to resemble some kind of a smile.

Instead of being bundled up with a sleeveless hooded sweatshirt looking like everything was raining on his parade, he is rocking short shorts.

With the dominance that the Patriots have now, with Bill Belichick calling all the shots, it might be easy to forget that he was arguably the best coordinator in the game back in the day.

Also, an underrated part of the picture is the man himself, Bills Parcells. The Bill and Bill show was an iconic duo, but needed an inevitable break up.

But, they are wearing matching clothes in this photo and it shows they once had the chemistry that got them so much success.

There is perhaps nothing worse than the Giants coming off two straight seasons of losing double-digit games, but this picture is a nice trip down memory lane.

Giants are built on their history and brand.

Perhaps there were no better days than when the three people in this picture wreaked havoc on the game of football.

So, during this Super Bowl season, we must never forget, Bill Belichick got his big break because of the Giants, greatness always emerges, but perhaps everything is different Belichick doesn’t have the success he did in New York.

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Whether rooting for the Rams or the Patriots, just never forget how glorious this picture is.