New York Knicks: Allonzo Trier just had his first true Garden Moment

New York Knicks. Allonzo Trier (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
New York Knicks. Allonzo Trier (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

Arguably the best story of the otherwise putrid New York Knicks season has been the rise of Allonzo Trier. On a night where he was never supposed to be the story, he became it. Trier has officially had his first Garden Moment.

The New York Knicks are horrible this season and the only nice story about them has been Allozno Trier.

His emergence from un-drafted rookie, to finally getting his contract, to one of the best players on the team has been incredible. It is the story that keeps on giving.

Even on a team with just 10 wins and more grandiose future plans, Trier’s story is still considered an underdog story.

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Well on Wednesday night’s game vs the Rockets, a team the Knicks only host one time per season, we all knew something special was going to happen.

However, it was once again because of a player on a visiting team, nothing to do with the Knicks.

This time, we were all actually excited for the Knicks game and the biggest part in that because we knew we would get to see James Harden.

Harden is the reigning MVP of the league and there is a solid chance he will be again. He is currently averaging over 35 points per game.

He is a special talent, one of the best in the league. He is big time and getting to watch him play i the Garden was big time.

If you follow my column, you’ll see I do write about the Knicks. But it is rare to see me cover every single game.

But, going into this one, I knew I would be writing an article about it.

However, I assumed it was just going to be about Harden.

Harden and how special players do special things when in New York. How he was going to remind Knicks fans what’s it like to have a true superstar.

“Garden Moments cannot be predicted. Even though most are expected, they always still end up being surprising.”

So, I could not be more thrilled that this one is about Allonzo Trier instead. Yeah, Harden dropped 61 tying an MSG record for points by a visitor.

But, in the most impressive feat of the night, it was Allonzo Trier’s 31 points. Trier played out of his mind. For bonus, he had 10 rebounds too.

Both of those were career highs.

Trier’s injury derailed the Knicks’ season to an extent. There was even reason to be skeptical and think he was just a fluke.

Before his outburst Wednesday night, he hadn’t scored more than 20 in a game since November 27.

So, this 31 was not random, but definitely not typical either.

James Harden dropping 61 is normal for him. Whether that is fair to use against him or not an argument for a different day.

So, him coming into MSG and dropping 61 was expected. That is what the people paid to see. It was still special, surely, but for a different reason.

However, I will always remember this game for the rookie Trier going toe-to-toe with Harden.

Harden flexed his muscles, Trier flexed his right back. Harden played 40 minutes, Trier played 33 in the contest. The most he has played in over two months.

This was not your old run of the mill 2018-2019 season Knicks game either. The Knicks had the lead at the half and outscored the Rockets in three of the four quarters.

Now, we all know the Rockets ended up winning, it’s not like the Knicks’ tank is cancelled or anything, but the Knicks showed a lot of heart in this one and the result of the game isn’t the story.

A huge part of that is because of Trier’s ability to keep making play after play after play.

We all know what a ‘Garden Moment’ is. Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Harden, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, etc, all come in and can make it rain any time they touch the floor.

A Garden Moment is usually an iconic player coming into the iconic venue and putting on a clinic that feels scripted.

Well, Trier did not quite drop a 50 bomb. He didn’t even technically win the game. But, this was his Garden Moment.

His Garden Moment because the Knicks finally had a player do this. A young player who is showing to have an actual future with the team.

We saw Kevin Knox do it. Drop 31 at home too,  but that is more or less expected. He is supposed to be the real rookie on this team.

But, the reason for Trier’s moment being more memorable is because he stole the spotlight.

Emmanuel Mudiay put on a clinic against the Suns, blah. Knox’s was vs the Sixers who they play often.

In Trier’s, it was all supposed to be on Harden, yet here we are writing about him.

Garden Moments cannot be predicted. Even though most are expected, they always still end up being surprising.

That is what Trier did. 31 and 10 at home vs the Rockets when James Harden was at his best.

Trier has his first, of hopefully many, Garden Moment(s) on Wednesday. The game was already big, he made it bigger.

The Knicks almost shocked the world because of it.

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Take a bow, Allonzo Trier.