Mo: Three moments that help define Mariano Rivera’s illustrious New York Yankees career

New York Yankees. Mariano Rivera (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
New York Yankees. Mariano Rivera (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) /
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Nothing but love.

This is my personal favorite Mariano Rivera moment because seeing something like this is even rarer then seeing a World Series title be won.

This moment, his last hurrah, showed how much Mariano Rivera meant to the Yankees and his teammates.

All the winning comes from being great like Mariano and most of Yankees team were. But, one of the most underrated parts of winning is the bond it takes to do it.

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The bond it takes to sustain it.

No one can be good at something if they don’t make other people better. No one cane be good at something if they don’t want to share their greatness.

Mariano, Derek Jeter, and Andy Pettitte, in that moment showed us every thing we needed to know about that Yankees dynasty.

That moment did not have to happen. And you can tell it was no one was acting. It was a real sendoff from the people who needed to see it.

That is what Yankees baseball is all about. Winning, legacy, and tradition. That moment showed what Mariano meant to the fans, the team, and his teammates.

He was sent off for the last time, as a winner, by other winners, after having already being established as the best.

No moment will pull the curtain back on a Hall of Fame career quite like that one for Mo and the Yankees.

It is hard to prove someone is a great teammate, but that moment is just about the closet thing to proving it as you can.

Next is the moment that proves he is a champion.