Mo: Three moments that help define Mariano Rivera’s illustrious New York Yankees career

New York Yankees. Mariano Rivera (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
New York Yankees. Mariano Rivera (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) /
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New York Yankees. Mariano Rivera
New York Yankees. Mariano  Rivera. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees icon Mariano Rivera has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rightfully so, “Mo” was the first to be inducted with 100% of the votes. Here are some moments that can help define his career.

New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera has been inducted into the Baseball Hall Fame. He earned all 425 eligible votes to get a record-setting 100%. That will never be topped.

There are endless moments that make Mo great. Some will say it was his clutchness that got him in. One could argue it was his longevity. Some more would be impressed that he did it all with one team.

The record for most saves ever alone could get him in, but that is even just icing on the cake.

I’m sure you have heard all the stories. All the wonderful stories about how Mariano came from humble beginnings in Panama to emerge as an immortal legend.

Then, there is Mariano the person. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment on the baseball field was being a great person to be around and play with.

However, there are too many things to pinpoint. To get 100% of the votes, and votes that solely reflect someone’s opinion of you, you must do a million things right.

Mariano’s career cannot be defined by a singular moment. You could only argue that it could be, but then you need pick a moment.

But, his career does not need to be, and should not be, defined by just one moment. It should be all the moments combined.

After all, that is what makes a legend. Doing things that cannot be done again as long as you are gone.

With that, I tried to narrow down the things that make Mariano a Hall of Famer. Then using those things to find the moments that best suit them.

This was difficult because again, there are so many. What he meant to the Yankees for three different decades means too much.

So, with these things, the qualities I believe make him a Hall of Famer, the unanimous one, can be proven with moments. Once in a life time moments that he made look normal.

First off, I want to say something. To get every single writer to agree that he is a first ballot hall of Famer speaks for itself.

I struggle to get the people in my household to agree on where to go for dinner. So that much collaboration on a simple opinion blows my mind.

But still, it is because of the kind of player he was.

So, mostly because Mo needs no more introduction, here are the three things that make him a special player, person, and Hall of Famer.

Mariano was always the best player, a better teammate, and a true clutch champion.

Next is what proves he was the best player.