New York Yankees: Sonny Gray trade shows Brian Cashman is likely respected around the league

New York Yankees. Brian Cashman (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
New York Yankees. Brian Cashman (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has actively been trying to trade Sonny Gray all offseason. Well this week, it finally happened. Here’s why I think it means Cashman is likely respected around the league.

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman made one of his first orders of business to trade Sonny Gray this offseason.

Well on Monday, after it felt like it was no longer even possible to part ways with the pitcher they got a year and half ago, he was officially traded to the Reds.

Before I get into things more, I must explain that I think Cashman initially butchered this whole situation.

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In November, after the Yankees’ humbling postseason exit, Cashman straight up said Sonny Gray was not working out in New York:

Via Joel Sherman of the New York Post:

"“We are going to move him [Gray] if we get the right deal because I don’t think it is going to work out in The Bronx,”"

He was being blunt, while also putting it nicely at the same time.

He is essentially saying that Sonny Gray could not handle New York and the Yankees had no purpose to even try it.

New York, to some people, is the biggest possible stage. Playing in Yankee Stadium, even if it is a random game in June, is big time.

There is something special about wearing the pinstripes. If you are great, you must first prove it in New York.

However, Gray proved he is not big time by failing to be able to pitch in New York.

The only thing saving him is that he can pitch decently just about everywhere else. But still, that makes his value way low.

Team shouldn’t have wanted a pitcher who can’t pitch consistently. Teams shouldn’t be hellbent on getting a guy who can only succeed in certain ballparks.

For reference, his ERA was over six at Yankee Stadium and three points lower on the road every where else.

In total for 2018, he had a 4.90 ERA. He did go 11-9 still, but only four of those wins came at home.

To invest in a pitcher, just get one who is great anywhere.

That is just not Gray.

He is not an awful pitcher, but far from the one the Yankees thought they were getting.

Even if it’s all mental and because of New York, that is not ideal either. Being able to tune out the stage and crowd is imperative for a pitcher.

That is why Cashman nearly butchered this entire thing. He shouldn’t have come out and said those things.

I personally found it very odd that he did. I would find it odd if any GM did let alone one of Cashman’s caliber.

But, the fact that he was still able to get a deal done for him, with all circumstances aside, just shows he is probably well-respected around the league.

Cashman said his struggles were only because of New York and the Reds believed him. With Gray’s old pitching coach on hand, the Reds dealt for and extended him.

That is not too shabby for a guy who “didn’t work out in the Bronx.”

The deal was complicated too. It was not even easy. The prospect the Reds gave the Yanks was turned around and given to the Mariners for another prospect.

It still amazes me this was able to happen. I knew they would Gray to be traded. I just did not think it would be for actual substance. Substance the Yankees seem to like too.

But, the fact that there were two teams willing to be part of a Sonny Gray trade (Mariners and Reds) it blows my mind.

People seem to believe Brian Cashman and what he is saying. His honesty about this situation was rewarded in the form of a phone call.

I know it was just Reds, and they have been a mess for a long time now.

But teams are not afraid to make deal with Cashman/the Yankees for their damaged goods. Especially if it was once a player Cashman really wanted.

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Cashman, say what you want about him as a fan. But, he seems to be respected by the other GMs in the league. If he wasn’t, a situation that he butchered wouldn’t have ended so well.