New York Red Bulls: Red Bulls can’t lose Kaku, not yet at least

New York Red Bulls. Kaku (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. Kaku (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New York Red Bulls’ season is just mere weeks away but that doesn’t mean they will get through the winter transfers scot-free as Kaku is heavily featured in rumors of transferring. The Red Bulls just simply cannot lose him.

The New York Red Bulls might be losing Kaku at some point. He his talented and there is demand for him else where in the world, which usually doesn’t bode well for the MLS teams.

However, the Red Bulls are doing a great job of keeping Kaku around for his second year with the club.

The Paraguayan soccer star is drawing interest from the Liga MX’s Club America. 

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However, no matter how enticing the offer, the Red Bulls cannot let Kaku leave.

The pros just do not out way the cons in this instance.

The Red Bulls would open a designated player spot to open if Kaku leaves. A spot they could fill by using the projected money they would get in the transfer.

However, this is just a really ill-fated offseason already.

Really, re-signing Tim Parker is the only awesome thing to hear so far.

The Red Bulls have already lost Tyler Adams. He is sensational and covered so much ground and was helpful for the Red Bulls on both sides of the ball.

That loss was known well ahead of time and the Red Bulls club, players and supporters alike were able to brace for impact.

However, even with a valiant effort from his apparent heir/replacement, Christian Casseres Jr, Adams’ absence will hurt the team in the early stretch.

If you take in losing Adams, and throw in losing Kaku, that would be a less than ideal thing to adjust to in what is a very short offseason.

Kaku was holding steady as the MLS assists leader last year before a slight cold stretch.

However, he was still an integral part of the Red Bulls attack and a perennial threat to create chances or finish them himself.

The positive news is that Kaku is on the Red Bulls’ Preseason Camp Roster and he is still one of the more recognizable faces of the club for now.

However, this transfer stuff can get messy quick. The Red Bulls are already rejecting offers and trying to negotiate a fair price.

That is something that could aggravate Kaku if the Red Bulls don’t let him go where is will be more valued.

However, putting a dollar amount on Kaku is tough right now. His value went up as soon as Adams left because he immediately became one of the best players on the team.

Following up the Red Bulls’ season last year, in which they won set the record for most points, was going to be difficult at it is due to how impressive that was.

But, if they lose another one of their arguable top three players, consider it impossible. The Red Bulls might be able to get away easy with losing just one Adams or Kaku.

They are still so far ahead of so many other clubs in the league without one of them. But without both of them, it would change everything.

Chris Armas is already going to spend this offseason figuring out tactics and lineups to make things his way.

Things are going to get more complicated if they lose Kaku just weeks before they are set out to play the already tactical dilemma that is the Champions League, shortly followed by the MLS regular season.

While losing Kaku in the middle of the season, maybe around the summer transfer window, would also be horrible, it would be better than now.

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However, the ultimate thing would be to see if the Red Bulls could hang on to Kaku for another year and give their system the time to produce the talent it needs to replace him.