New York Knicks: Loss in London shows race for Zion Williamson is real

Zion Williamson (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Zion Williamson (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

The New York Knicks lost to the Wizards in London in just about the most impossible way further proving the race for Zion Williamson is very much on.

The New York Knicks went to Europe, blew a big lead in the game, and the lost the game in London to the Washington Wizards, all it did was make me want Zion Williamson even more.

The loss in London is one part to this story. The Knicks are almost guaranteed to lose at this point.

I feel like they are coached to lose.

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However, this is more about the fashion in which they lost. A buzzer beating goaltending call against Allonzo Trier.

Really? That is how the Knicks lost a big game on a different continent.

Whether you are pro Knicks tank or anti Knicks tank, this was a brutal loss.

Whether you think this loss was on purpose or by accident, it was a brutal loss.

Either way, there is one direct correlation to this. He is six-foot seven, weighs 280 pounds and currently ball out at Duke University.

Yes, that loss had me once again thinking about Zion.

Hear me out here, even if the Knicks are tanking, even if they know their best is still not good enough to win and have accepted it, that loss worked.

It was an effective tank.

Or, even if the Knicks gave it everything they had, which let’s be honest, if they tried their hardest and still lost like that, then losing is just their destiny.

Then it was meant to be.

Either one of those of those options or observations ends with one thing, one thing that is not even guaranteed. That is the hope of being able to land Zion Williamson in the draft.

Yes, every single loss adds up to the pile that they are trying to throw to get Zion. However, the loss in the London game felt like no other.

Usually the Knicks just get blown out of the water and don’t even play defense or put up a fight.

However, that loss to the Wizards in London was like no other. It was a mistake, an amateur way to lose a game. It is not Trier’s fault either. The whole team collapsed late in that game.

The basketball gods might not be trying to help the Knicks lose. The Knicks’ roster is helping the Knicks lose, however, everything might be aligning perfectly for the Knicks to win no more than 15 games this year.

The Knicks lose games at the rate that a team like the Warriors win games, in the same fashion too.

Skill, dumb luck, mistakes, home, away, whatever it might be. The luck the Warriors sometimes get to win is the same luck the Knicks get to lose games.

The loss to the Wizards on a different continent is proof of that. It does not matter where the Knicks are or who they are playing.

They cannot win basketball games. Asking them to win a game is like asking someone to go get their tooth pulled.

However, they picked a heck of a year to do it. Nothing is really going their way, no matter what. Even losing to maybe get Zion is still worth the risk.

As crazy as it sounds, the Knicks getting Zion might just be destiny. Trying to win, trying to lose, no matter what the Knicks lose. They get luck in favor of losing.

All they need is a little bit more luck on the night of the draft lottery, or at this rate, they might not even need luck to land that pick.

They might just be far and away the worst team.

The ironic part is, even if this article does not make sense, or is not a good one to you, it cannot be much worse than the Knicks are.

Either way, much like the Knicks want Zion to play for them, I would love to be able to write about Zion playing for them.

Come on, Zion. you already wear the blue and white. You just need a little bit of orange in your life too.

Keep your eyes on the prize Knicks fan, Zion, Kristaps Porzingis, and maybe one free agent away from the playoffs.

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I just wish we could fast forward to all of that potential stuff because this is not ideal. There have to be brighter days ahead, right?