New York Yankees: Adam Ottavino is final piece for Yankees while opening new doors

New York Yankees. Adam Ottavino. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
New York Yankees. Adam Ottavino. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

The New York Yankees have finally outdone themselves and this time it was by going out and getting Adam  Ottavino, arguably the best bullpen arm left in the market. The possibilities are now endless for the Yankees.

The New York Yankees have gotten their guy, it might not be Manny Machado, but Adam Ottavino is a heck of a prize.

The Yankees have reportedly agreed to a three-year, $27M deal with the New York native to bring him home.

Last season, Ottavino was a huge part in why the Rockies were able to advance to their first Division Series in nine years.

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2018 was a career season for Ottavino and he was able to ride that all the way to the bank. He went 6-4 with a 2.43 ERA with six saves and 112 strikeouts.

Ottavino is a seasoned veteran who has spent his entire career in Colorado. Much like Yankees Stadium, that is a hitter friendly ballpark so that is an underrated value to bring to Yankee Stadium.

Ottavino is likely to be a setup man for Aroldis Chapman, but could also be a potential closer and be used as a depth guy, too.

With Ottavino, the Yankees bullpen goes from scary to over the top. The Yankees needed just one more arm to really get over the hump and they got their man.

Sure, another starter would have been nice too, but they can still win with what they have because of this signing.

What this also does, is make a trade for Sonny Gray easier to make.

The Yankees now have someone who adds depth and is a huge upgrade over what they have.

Now, the Yankees can add another arm into a Sonny Gray package, making him more valuable.

While most fans would be upset to trade Holder, it might be needed to entice teams to get rid of Sonny Gray, which would fix the wrong the Yankees made in handling that situation.

With adding Ottavino, it really is one of the final offseason pieces they needed. More pitching is what the Yankees needed and now have a guy who can eat up innings for the foreseeable future.

The Yankees will go into 2019 with at least three or four quality bullpen options before they even get to Chapman.

They might not even need that many innings because they have guys like James Paxton and a full-season of J.A. Happ now.

Overall, adding Ottavino helps the Yankees in multiple ways.

He is a reliable and proven right-handed bullpen pitcher, but also brings depth to the roster to help open up trade talks.

Adam Ottavino to the Yanks has felt inevitable all offseason. It is just beneficial the deal happens with just a few weeks left before Spring Training.

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Ottavino is no Machado or Harper, but he fills a need with a not awful contract. Brian Cashman strikes again!