New York Mets: 3 realistic goals for Noah Syndergaard in 2019

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Start 30 games

I could easily get into all the numbers that Syndergaard could put in 2019. In fact, I will later in this article.

However, all is void and null if Syndergaard cannot stay healthy this season. He just needs to shed that narrative that he can’t stay healthy.

He really did not miss all that many starts last season. But when he was on the DL or hurt, he just did it in the biggest fashion possible.

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Again, hand, foot and mouth disease? Really?

So, Syndergaard is a great pitcher. He just needs to be out there all season to reach his full potential.

Syndergaard would be an ace on almost every other rotation in baseball if not for Jacob deGrom being on the Mets as well.

So, Syndergaard needs to start 30 games to get back to being that true ace pitcher. After all, he was the Opening Day starter last season before deGrom dialed in.

So, clearly Mickey Callaway likes him. Clearly his teammates like him.

That is why he needs to start 30 games. Give or take a few starts. But, if he can start in 30, that is a full season.

Zack Wheeler started in 29 last season. deGrom in 31. Syndergaard started just 25.

Realistically, you should want Syndergaard right in the middle of both of them because he is the presumptive number two starter.

30 starts would do wonders for Syndergaard. He started 30 in 2016 and made the All-Star team and had almost all his career highs that season.

That even got hm the nod to start the 2016 NL Wild Card game.

However, that was two seasons ago. Syndergaard is arguably even better now. He is older, bigger, hopefully even smarter, and his body should be more ready for pitching after his injury scares.

What Syndergaard did with a full season in 2016, could pale in comparison to what he could do with a full season in 2019.

He might start 31 games or he could start in just 28 games. Baseball is wild sometimes. But either way, 30 starts is a number to aim for.

He could even start more if the Mets are making a run late in the year and they need him.

Who knows what will happen.

But, for a pitcher like Syndergaard, who has the tools to succeed at this level and has shown it, it starts with being able to take the mound EVERY fifth day.

30 starts might not be the most pleasing goal, but it is by far the biggest for him in 2019.