EWB Power Rankings: New York Islanders, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Yankees keep us rolling through January

New York Yankees. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
New York Yankees. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

We are chugging along here in the first month of 2019 but perhaps no teams are hotter than the New York Islanders, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Yankees. It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for out latest EWB Power Rankings.

All borough’s that begin with the letter B stand up because this week we are topped by the New York Islanders, Brooklyn Nets, and the New York Yankees.

It has not been the most hectic week of New York sports action but the Nets and Islanders are finally winning long and consistent enough to emerge as true power houses.

The Yankees will likely not get Manny Machado so they don’t take the top spot. However, they still move up and I will tell you why in a minute.

So, without no further introduction, here is your favorite part of the week, the ranking of the 12 teams we cover here.

106. Ah, the New York Islanders. It’s almost like they never lose anymore. In the last seven days alone, they banked six points. Took a loss to the Rangers, but they beat them a few nights before. Also, they destroyed the Lightning on Sunday so beating the best hockey team in North America definitely makes them the best team in just one city in North America.. . Previous: 1st. Isles. 1. team

BrookWIN Nets. 2. team. 147. The Brooklyn Nets are finally beginning to need no more introduction. The playoff race is on and the Nets finally beat the Celtics this week. <a href=. . Previous: 2nd

Previous: 8th. Yanks. 3. team. 43. If the Yankees got Machado, they would be number one. I have always said that. However, they do not need Manny Machado and are still great. <a href=.

95. The New York Rangers are still a very bad hockey team. The rebuild is finally kicking in. However, very bad does not always mean the worst. A big win against the Islanders and a home win against the Hurricanes gets them back into the top 5. They reminded me that they can still win games on any given night, even if they are few and far between. Their games against their rivals are like their playoffs this year since they won’t see the real playoffs. They beat their rivals this week so they sky-rocket up the rankings.. . Previous: 12th. Rangers. 4. team

Mets. 4. team. 3. The Mets still have not anything astronomically dumb this offseason. So why plummet them down the rankings? I won’t do that. Spring Training is super close and the Mets are giving me hope. It is all but likely false hope, but that’s normal. I got baseball on my mind, alright. Leave me alone.. . Previous: 3rd

Previous: 7th. Buffalo Bills. 8. team. 16. Not really sure how the football teams should rank at this point in the offseason. The NFL playoffs continue and zero of our teams were even close to making them. However, only one of them won six games and that was the Bills. Huge offseason with a lot of money to spend coming up and they FINALLY have no need for a QB. This are about to get wild in Western New York. Oh, and <a href=.

Previous: . Jets. 9. team. 30. Jets fans seem to like the Gregg Williams hire, and it is a great hire for them. He should be able to fix that defense <a href=.

team. 85. I am only giving the Devils 10 because it’s getting really sad they are always towards the bottom after a playoff season. However, they did win two games since the last rankings. It just does not matter. Yeah, they scored 8 goals vs the Blackhawks on Monday but it’s the Blackhawks. They also gave up five. But, none of that matters. Give them 10. They did bank some points this time, but let’s not get crazy. Look at the standings.. . Previous: . Devils. 10

31. Have a good draft and don’t waste this first round pick. If you don’t then you can move up the rankings. Until then, good day. I don’t expect much to happen until April.. . Previous: 9th. Giant men. 11. team

Previous: . New York, New York Knickerbockers. 12. team. 27. Do I really need to explain this one? Knicks are in London on Thursday, so we get to watch them stink on a different continent. Bring me Zion or bring me death..

So, there they are, the latest, mid-January edition of the Empire Writes Back Power Rankings. Concocted by yours truly, the guy who follows and watches all these sorry teams very closely, some of them religiously.

The Islanders and Nets remain rolling as team’s currently in the offseason continue to make some power moves.

Shame about those Knicks right now, though.

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How did I do? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to drop a rankings of your own!