The New York Jets continue to celebrate mediocrity

Christopher Johnson, New York Jets CEO (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Christopher Johnson, New York Jets CEO (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

After listening to the New York Jets press conference to introduce Adam Gase, one thing remains clear. The Jets still celebrate mediocrity.

Yesterday, the New York Jets introduced new head coach Adam Gase to the media. If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, tune in by clicking here.

There is a lot to unpack after listening specifically to Gase. There were answers that should make Jets fans worry. His lack of accountability was first and foremost. There were also some stock answers given when Christopher Johnson was asked about Gase.

It was also interesting that nobody had a question for general manager Mike Maccagnan.

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But there is something else worth noting from the proceedings at One Jets Drive.

It was the fact that the Jets continue to celebrate and accept mediocrity. It’s almost a mantra at this point.

Go to the press conference tape and move to the latter part. Kim Jones from NFL Network asks Christopher Johnson about if the playoffs will be a mandate soon.

To paraphrase, he said there would never be a playoff mandate. Listen to the tape.

Now why is this even a conversation? Adam Gase just arrived, how could they insist upon the playoffs, right?

Well, that would be true if this was the only time we heard this. The fact is we hear this from the Johnson family almost every year as of late.

There has been an excuse for years. In 2015 if only Ryan Fitzpatrick hadn’t fizzled out and Muhammad Wilkerson hadn’t broken his leg.

In 2016 they doubled down on veterans and when that fell apart it was OK not to make the playoffs. In 2017 there was no playoff mandate because the Jets were rebuilding. In 2018 there was no mandate because they started a rookie quarterback.

Each of these taken on their own make some sense. Taking them all together show a pattern. They show a pattern of an ownership group that doesn’t hold winning in the highest regard.

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When does it stop? When do the playoffs actually become important?

Mike Maccagnan is in his fifth year as a general manager and his record is 24-40. He should be told it’s time to field a successful football team or else.

Adam Gase may be heading into his first year in New York but it’s his fourth year in the AFC East. By his own admission, he knows the roster well. Why not insist upon results?

The Jets haven’t made a playoff appearance in eight years. A New York team hasn’t seen postseason play in eight years. Think about that.

The NFL is a results business. Even the Cleveland Browns figured that out when they fired Hue Jackson during the season.

It seems as if the Jets will never figure that out. They will always celebrate being a mediocre football team.

And it’s said, because the one thing Mr. Johnson has gotten right since the end of the season was when he said, “The fans deserve better”.

They sure do.