New York Islanders: Islanders need to be careful as NHL trade deadline is sneaking up

New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New York Islanders. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The New York Islanders are poised to be in the playoff hunt as the NHL Trade Deadline hits in February. It might seem enticing to go all-in, but the Isles should still be careful.

The New York Islanders now have a competent and established General Manager in Lou Lamoriello and the NHL Trade Deadline might actually be fun with him.

Trust me, I hate to be this guy, but I am always thinking about the NHL trade deadline and what the Islanders are going to do.

For years under the prior regime and Garth Snow, I dreaded what the Islanders were going to do. Now that it’s over, I can admit sometimes their deadline moves worked.

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However, most of the time the Islanders have had awful deadlines. That stands true for the past two seasons.

In fact, you do not need me to explain it that much more because it became apparent how poor of a job Snow was because he got fired the second that door opened.

The Isles now have Lou running shop. What is even better, is Barry Trotz. Trotz is doing an outstanding job coaching this roster.

It is not even the best roster and Lou has already made questionable decisions. Recently sending Joshua Ho-Sang down is one that comes to mind.

Signing Leo Komarov in the offseason, yeah, that did not do much.

That is why Trotz is so great. His style of play and his staff has given plenty of players on this team a career boost.

Look at the goalies for example. Look at a player like Scott Mayfield for example. He is quietly posting a +15 rating and has 15 points, which is shattering his career high in both.

So, knowing the Islanders have a new GM who is not afraid to make moves, and having a coach who can make just about any player better, seems enticing.

It is easy to look at the Islanders and think that it would be great for them to make a bold splash at the deadline.

There are some juicy names this season too. Dougie Hamilton is being put in rumors, Vladimir Tarasenko is a player who could be on the move, Artemi Panarin might be someone who gets traded too.

There are too many players that could go, and the Isles could 100850384935% use another top-end scorer to complement Mathew Barzal or help Anthony Beauvillier.

However, the Islanders do not need to drain their farm, throw away picks, or do anything crazy to get a talent like this.

It will be tempting, I know, but the Islanders are coming of off a great Draft this season. Oliver Wahlstrom and Noah Dobson might be studs one day.

Lou has not even spent that much money yet, and many players are still on short-term deals.

The Islanders have a decent team down in Bridgeport and the ones who have been up this season have done admirably in their roles like Ho-Sang, Devon Toews, Michael Dal Colle.

For the Islanders to drain all of that on one player who might have no interest at coming would sting, a lot.

Look at what the Devils did last season for Michael Grabner. They gave up picks for him to make a playoff push. They made the playoffs, crash and burned and now look where they are.

It would be not fun, to put it in simple terms, if the Islanders made a move for a big name to help them now. It will throw off their plan.

Okay, maybe a no-brainer type trade for a player like Tarasenko would be awesome because he would be around for a while, but still, there is a limit to what I would give up.

The Islanders need to be careful this trade deadline.

Garth Snow did a whole lot of nothing at the deadlines recently and rarely made a splash.

However, that does not mean Lou and his staff should come in and make a huge splash and go crazy just to do it.

There is no need to over-correct anything that the past regime soiled for us.

I like the way the Isles’ future looks right now. Josh Ho-Sang got called down because he still was not ready and the Islanders are outstanding when he plays.

It is clear the new regime cares about the long-term future a lot. I am happy about the system the Isles have and the team they have now.

The Islanders shouldn’t have to give up anything significant to ruin that.

We are still over a month away from the February 26 Deadline. A lot of things could happen until then.

However, I just don’t see any reason to go all-in. This team is not just one piece away.

They are a few. They might have those few pieces in the system now and draft picks to go get more. Draft picks that a GM finally knows how to use.

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Why give that up. Keep this deadline simple, please.