EWB Power Rankings: New York Islanders, Brooklyn Nets, New York Red Bulls top wild week

New York Islanders (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
New York Islanders (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

Trades, schedule releases, and winning all combine to make up the top five this week but no team ranks higher than the New York Islanders, Brooklyn Nets, or New York Red Bulls.

The New York Islanders, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Red Bulls top off the week but not for reasons you might think.

The Isles remain on top because they are 8-2-0 in their last ten and despite a Tuesday night loss, should hold their heads high.

The Brooklyn Nets are the only NBA team in this city worth watching right now, so almost on merit they get a top spot.

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As for the New York Red Bulls, soccer gets some love because the 2019 MLS Schedules came it out and they are juicy, which I will obviously get into later.

So, because I know you cannot contain your excitement, here is the latest EWB Power Rankings. WARNING: They have shuffled around a lot in just seven days.

106. The Islanders might have ended the last seven days with an ugly home loss, but we must not forget how outstanding they have been. They have still won more often than not since the last ranking and that includes a game vs the Blackhawks on National Television. They say at one because are still the best team to watch right now.. . Previous: 1st. Isles. 1. team

Nets. 2. team. 147. The Nets are back into a winning groove and eclipsed the 20 win total in the past week. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the Nets are a playoff caliber team, and the fun winning streaks are likely over, but they were still over .500 for the week. The Nets could play below average basketball the rest of the way and still be a playoff team. Not an ideal way to make it but don’t hate the player, hate the game.. . Previous: 6th

team. 3. The Red Bulls could have gone here and the Mets could have gone three, but I just wanted to show our soccer teams some deserved love. So, the Mets can settle in here and that is fair. The Mets front office and GMBVW (look it up on Twitter) keep making moves. Out is <a rel=. . Previous: 7th. Metsies. 4

30. We can kind of start keeping the remaining teams the same now because not much has happened to rest of the teams that are in offseason. The Jets still do not have a coach although it will likely be <a rel=. . Previous: . Gang Green. 6. team

team. 16. This ranking being high is more to remind everyone that we do cover the Bills here at EWB and there is a platform that allows us to do so. Also, <a rel=. . Previous: 9th. Buffalo Bills. 7

team. 43. The Yanks still do not have <a rel=. . Previous: 5th. Yanks . 8

31. NFL coaches are getting fired and then new ones are getting hired like crazy around here. It is a bad time to be a bad football team, because you have to sit there and watch other bad teams get desperate to get better. But, the Giants do not need a coach, but are still bad. They need to bolster their entire roster basically, Now. the Buccaneers got a new coach and could be in the market to draft a quarterback. The Bucs pick ahead of the Giants now, as do the Raiders, who also might be in the market to draft a QB. The Giants drafting a QB round one now looks like it’ll come with a hefty cost and a trade up. And if they go into 2019 with just <a href=. . Previous: . I guess the Giants. 9. team

New Jersey Devils. 10. team. 85. The Devils are 10. They still are not good. They are also un-clutch because they laid an egg vs Buffalo on the night I write these rankings so that didn’t work out for them. Quite frankly, the difference between 10, 11, 12 on there does not matter. There are so many teams above them at this point, it does not matter. The Devils did get a win this week, but also some losses. Look at the standings of the NHL and look where they are here. You might see a direct correlation.. . Previous:

Previous: . Knicks. 11. team. 27. I was going to decide who gets 11 of 12 by doing a coin flip, then realized both the Knicks and Rangers would rather me flip a ping-pong ball because all they are both focused on the Draft Lottery only. The Knicks did end an eight game losing streak this week but I can’t keep rewarding them for ending long losing steaks. The Knicks get 11th and not 12th again because tanking is more impactful in the NBA than the NHL. Also, <a href=.

95. One time. One time I give the rangers the benefit of the doubt and thought their week last week meant something. The Rangers are never getting the benefit of the doubt this season again. The Rangers followed up some impressive wins with terrifically terrible losses.<p> </p><p>7-6-5-4.</p><p>Those are not lucky numbers. They are not some kind of record. Those numbers are the amount of goals the Rangers gave up in their last four game. Are you kidding me? Really? They can’t even lose 2-1 and play even a decent 35 minutes of hockey anymore. They are just getting blown out of the water on a nightly basis. The Rangers might just need to come home to the Garden, even though that is where they gave up the 7. The Rangers are the worst team in New York this week. Losing is fine, but the losing is not even fun to watch like it was before. Just embarrassing</p>. . Previous: . Rangers. 12. team

Well, there they are. The updated Empire Writes Back Power Rankings.

Ranking the 12 teams we cover on the site based on how they made me feel the last seven days.

Once again it was the Garden Empire that made me the most frustrated.

It is that time of the year where the team that are not even in season right now make me more happy than the teams that are, for the most part.

So, once again, shoutout to Brooklyn for holding strong . I should have never doubted you.

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Until next time, EWB family. Stay safe out there. Don’t let these teams make you too miserable. Especially if all your favorite ones are towards the bottom.