New York Rangers exposed by Colorado in 6-1 loss

Alexandar Georgiev #40 of the New York Rangers (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Alexandar Georgiev #40 of the New York Rangers (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

In losing to the Colorado Avalanche 6-1, the biggest weakness in the game of the New York Rangers was exposed for all to see.

Friday night, the New York Rangers took to the road to face the Colorado Avalanche. Did you miss it? If you did, you are probably better off than those of us that watched it:

103. Final. 1. 95. 6

To put it mildly, the Rangers got beaten all over the ice. Cody McLeod got called for a five-minute major early in the game that led to the first two Colorado goals and the team was never able to recover.

Not only was it a bad loss, but it also exposed a very real problem with the Rangers. It takes it even further than we did when we talked about the same problem from year’s past.

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It’s a related problem that takes things to the next level.

If you don’t put the puck on the net, it won’t go in the net.

Whether you have great scorers or mediocre ones, there will be no scoring without shooting. The puck has to get on goal in order to go in.

You would think, being hockey players all their lives, this would be a simple concept, right?

Not for the Rangers, my friends. Not for the Rangers.

Oh the Avalanche understood it. Alexandar Georgiev gave up six goals, on 47 shots! He did make 41 saves which is a good night for a goaltender.

It could have been 12-1 if it wasn’t for Georgiev having a good night in net.

After two periods, not only were the Rangers down 3-0, it seemed as if all of the player was in the Rangers’ end.

I hardly remembered hearing the name of the Colorado goalie. So I wondered why that was.

The statistics through two periods revealed the fact that the Rangers only had ten shots on goal so far. Ten! Yes they got 15 off in the final period, but that low production was simply too big of a gap to overcome.

You have to take the pressure off of your goalie and put it on the opponent’s goalie. Take shots from all angles. If in doubt throw it on net. Only ten shots makes it very difficult to keep up with three goals.

The years change but the same problem remains. dark. Next

The Rangers can’t score. That continues to be the case. They haven’t scored more than three goals in a game since December 8. The lack of offense is a problem.

If they are not going to shoot the puck, they aren’t going to score. Fire! Fire from everywhere. Put the puck on net. It will go in sometimes.

It shouldn’t be that hard to understand.