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The 2018 year for the Brooklyn Nets


For the Brooklyn Nets, 2018 was a very forgettable year, but it was also a year which will allow them to move forward.

2018 was a very uneventful year for the Brooklyn Nets.

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They finished off the 2017-18 season at 28-54 which would have given them the eighth overall pick had they not made that trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce years ago.

Unfortunately, that pick ended up in the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers who went on to take Collin Sexton out of Alabama.

Because of this, the Nets had the 29th overall pick rather than the eighth which they used to take Dzanan Musa who has seen the court in only seven games this season.

Believe it or not, the 2018-19 season is off to a pretty good start with a 17-21 record and only a game behind the Detroit Pistons who hold the eight spot in the East.

If Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen and the rest of the Nets can keep doing what they’re doing, they have a serious chance at the 2019 playoffs.

Now how far into the playoffs they go is the question, but if they play a decent second half of the season they could scratch that surface which would be great for the future.

As a team that was counted out from the beginning, the playoffs would be a huge deal.

The emergence of Spencer Dinwiddie has allowed to get the Nets this far, and if he can keep it up you may see some teams offering trades for the young guard.

Best moment

So in a year that was pretty uneventful, what was the top moment for the Brooklyn Nets?

The top moment of 2018 came on June 21st, the night of the 2018 NBA Draft.

This isn’t because of who the Nets took, it’s because it marked the end of a horrible trade.

That horrible trade with the Celtics, the one all Nets fan could never forget, caused Brooklyn to lose several picks including the first overall pick in 2017 had finally run its course.

Instead, they stayed in the same position for several years and were simply waiting till the trade had run out and they got their picks back.

Now they do!

The Nets are now free and they control their own draft picks for the future which is a much bigger deal and a breath of fresh air.