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The New Jersey Devils in 2018


2018 was a fantastic year for the New Jersey Devils, they made the playoffs for the first time since 2011-12 and they had a pretty great draft.

The New Jersey Devils finished off their 2017-18 season at 44-29-9 which gave them the final wild card position for the playoffs.

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Their playoff run, unfortunately, didn’t last too long as they lost 4-1 in the first round to the Lightning, but that wasn’t as important.

The Devils broke their streak of missing the playoffs for four consecutive seasons which brought some excitement to New Jersey hockey.

Losing in the first round wasn’t much of a big deal because it had fans thinking about the future.

Unfortunately, the future isn’t looking too hot seeing the Devils are off to a league worst (at time of this writing) 12-16-7 record in 2018-19, but the 2017-18 run was pretty fun.

The Devils also had a fantastic draft in 2018 when they drafted Ty Smith, Xavier Bernard, Akira Schmid, Yegor SharangovichMitchell Hoelscher and Eetu Pakkila.

Although it may not appear so quite yet with the Devils only having 31 points, 35 games into the season, these were all very good picks and they will all help the Devils improve for the future.

Best moment

So, in a year that broke a streak of four straight missed playoffs what was the greatest moment?

The Devils top moment of 2018 had to be their only playoff win against the Lightning.

Although the Devils lost four games to one in the first round, their singular win brought excitement to New Jersey.

It was their first playoff win since the 2012 Stanley Cup when they lost in six games to the Kings.

The Devils win gave them some hope in the series as it brought them within one game of the Lightning putting their series lead at 2-1.

The Devils won 5-2 but it would unfortunately be their only win of the series as they went on to lose in five games.