EWB Power Rankings: New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, New York Islanders lead us into 2019

New York Islanders. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
New York Islanders. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images) /

Hockey in this market has been fantastic the last seven days as the New York Islanders, New York Rangers, and New Jersey Devils top off the first EWB Power Rankings of 2019.

The New York Islanders are rolling at the right time while the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils are finally showing signs of life again.

The first power rankings of 2019 are up and it is dominated by one sport. All three NHL teams we cover are on the rise this week.

The Brooklyn Nets are still playing well, but a string of losses sends them on a free fall.

The New York Yankees finally made some moves and the New York Jets finally made a correct one.

So, here they are, the moment you have all been waiting for, this week’s edition of the EWB Power Rankings.

. Previous: 2nd. Isles. 1. team. 106. The New York Islanders are on a roll. In the last seven days, they won two games in Canada then beat the Sabres in Buffalo. In a long season, wining  three out of division games would normally mean nothing. However, the Isles now have the upper hand on <a href=

team. 95. The Islanders might have had a more significant win in terms of how it’ll change the season, but the Rangers are on a roll themselves. The Rangers rode a three game point streak throughout the week including two wins. They play the Penguins Wednesday night, and if that goes well look for an even higher climb next week.. . Previous: 9th. Rangers. 2

Previous: 11th. Devs. 3. team. 85. I would not put a team well out of the playoff race, like the Devils have been pretty much all year, in the top 3 if they did not truly deserve it. The Devils do. Mackenzie Blackwood, the out of no where emergence of their offense, and three huge wins in a row got the Devils streaking. The Devs got a huge win in Boston vs a better Bruins team before blanking two bad teams at home. Either way, the Devils are hot. Start running with the Devils because Blackwood is giving them life when nothing else has..

Previous: 4th. Jets. 4. team. 30. The New York Jets got embarrassed by a Patriots team playing for a first round bye in their only action on the week. However, that went just about how everyone expected. But, the Jets stay in the top 5 because they fired <a rel=.

43. I have been saying it for weeks and I will say it again, the Yankees do not deserve the top spot until they sign <a rel=. . Previous: 7th. Yanks. 5. team

Nets. 6. team. 147. The Nets have lost two straight, and have not played since December 29. However, they get a chance to redeem themselves vs the Pelicans on Wednesday night. Despite the string of losses, the Nets are still overall in good, not great, but good shape in regards to the league standings. The Nets are not out of the playoff race. They are another mini win streak away from seriously turning heads.. . Previous: 1st

The Mets are ranked here for a lack of a better spot to put. Things have been quiet in Flushing Meadows the last few weeks, but I kind of like it after how bust the offseason was early on. There might be another trick or two up Brodie Van Wagenen’s sleeve, but for now just enjoy the calmness. Mets will take the field next month, that is a wonderful things.. . Previous: 4th. Mets. 7. team. 3

. Previous: 5th. Buffalo Bills. 9. team. 16. The Bills destroyed the Dolphins, <a rel=

. Previous: 12th. Giants . 10. team. 31. It just would have been mean to put the Giants in last. They deserve it. But, a part of me is thrilled this miserable season is over. <a rel=

27. Just because the Knicks should be tanking, does not mean it is the correct thing to do. They are brutal to watch. <a rel=. . Previous: 10th. Knicks. 12. team

There you have it, the first Empire Writes Back Power Rankings of 2019. Even though most of it is based on the last few days of 2018.

Hopefully these rankings get more difficult to do as the year goes on. There needs to be a lot more competition for the top spot down the road for the sake of my sanity.

The Islanders are on top for now, but history shows it might not last long.

Where does your team rank this week? Are you more excited for the coming weeks?

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