New York Jets: Todd Bowles final look back as head coach

Former head coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Former head coach Todd Bowles of the New York Jets (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images) /

With his four-year tenure with the New York Jets over, we look back at the time Todd  Bowles spent as the team’s head coach.

The New York Jets have done what was inevitably happening at the end of the season. Todd Bowles is out as the head coach after a tumultuous four-year tenure.

His final record was 24-40. Per Christopher Johnson (via Rich Cimini on Twitter), the decision to fire Bowles was the hardest one he has had to make in two years as acting owner. However, it was the right one, as all of us Jets fans have known for quite a while.

Let’s take a final look down memory lane and talk about the tenure of former coach Bowles.

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Upon arrival in 2015, he was the disciplinarian. Despite what they may have said, he was brought in to be the opposite of previous coach Rex Ryan.

Rex was the fun-loving player’s guy, and Todd was not. He was more the Belichick type. He was serious, no-nonsense with the public.

Supposedly he had some personality but we didn’t see that very often.

There was really no problem with him in 2015 as the team went 10-6. Huge years from Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker made it happen.

The beginning of the end began the final week of 2015. The Jets had a win and their in scenario against the Bills and couldn’t come up with the victory.

2016 was a failed attempt to double-down the success with the veterans from 2015, 2017 went the way of Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, and 2018 was a year without enough weapons around the new rookie quarterback.

Not all of this is his fault. The record of Mike Maccagnan is very bad, yet he stays around to help pick the new coach. Bowles did not pick the players so he doesn’t take 100% of the blame.

Jamal Adams loved playing for Bowles, and got emotional when talking about the fact that he would be fired. It is understandable. Keep in mind, for those that didn’t know, that Bowles was a safety in this league. There is no doubt that their relationship was excellent.

Bowles is respected around the league. Some believe he will return to the Cardinals as a defensive coordinator. He also may be getting head coaching interviews.

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The biggest problem with Bowles was the fact that he never got any better at his job. The types of mistakes he made at the beginning continued throughout the four years.

His time management has never been good. Usage of timeouts has never been solid. The bigger problem is that he never got better. This season he was still making questionable decisions.

Add that to the fact that the defense seemed to keep getting worse and we knew this was coming to an end. The Jets gave up nearly 400 yards per game on defense (380.4). That’s bad when your head coach is a defensive guru.

Bowles is said to be a very good man. No reporter from the Jets beat had a bad thing to say about him. It is never a good day when someone loses his job. The record not withstanding, he is still a human being.

So we only send the best wishes to Todd and his family. He’ll land on his fee. Hopefully the Jets will as well.