New Year’s Resolutions for the New York Yankees and all local teams

New York Yankees (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Yankees (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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New York Yankees
New York Yankees (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees

It is really, really difficult to look back on the Yankees’ 2018 season and consider it a failure. However, losing to the Red Sox, in the ALDS at that, makes it a failure.

A rookie manager won 100 games. The Yankees dominated a play-in Wild Card game at home.

Aaron Judge is a thing. Gary Sanchez is too young to give up on. The Yankees got a year with Giancarlo Stanton over with.

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So, what’s next for the Yanks? Perhaps that answer comes in the form of a certain baseball sensation who previously played for a division rival and the Dodgers.

Perhaps what comes next comes in the form of a certain former NL MVP who swept the nation’s capital off their feet.

But, either way, no matter what, for almost zero dollars, the thing that comes next is the 2019 season. Another season of the MLB history.

And for that, there are a lot of the things the Yankees should strive for in terms of having a goal.

The New York Yankees’ resolution for 2018 should not be to win the World Series, that is everyone’s goal. Every team starts their year with that goal.

No, rather, their goal should be something else, something that will help them reach that goal.

The Yankees have all the money and the talent in the world. Their brand is the most iconic in  sports.

Their lone need was pitching and they got James Paxton.

However, one thing that haunted the Yankees more than anything last year, and it is not the Red Sox and their best team ever, no, it was injuries.

The Yankees were haunted by injuries during the 2018 season. Were the injuries the reason why they didn’t win the division in 2018?

No, they were not the best team.

But, staying healthy sure as heck helps.

So, with that they need to stay healthy.

Their star, Aaron Judge, only played in 112 games. Sure, that seems like a lot but his lack of production in the lineup for sure had an impact on the team.

Didi Gregorius spent time on the DL and just had Tommy John surgery.

That makes this simple. In 2019, the Yankees, to what they can control, need to focus on health. Keep everyone healthy, be aware of a long schedule, give some guys DH more often, manage around what they can control in this department.

New Year’s Resolution: Stay healthy in 2018, have Aaron Judge play at least 140 games.