EWB Power Rankings: Slow week keeps Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders on top, New York Jets rise

New York Jets. Sam Danold (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Jets. Sam Danold (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

We are back with more of our EWB Power Rankings and due to a slower week the Brooklyn Nets and New York Islanders stay on top while only the New York Jets make a significant leap.

It is Wednesday so you know that means you are getting the weekly EWB Power Rankings, the Brooklyn Nets and New York Islanders stay on top while only the New York Jets see real change.

Due to the holiday, things slowed down a lot these past seven days.

It is a rare feat in New York sports for things to not be as hectic. But, the baseball hot stove has turned off.

Also, the NHL has been on its holiday break so there are barely any new games to swing things.

Our NFL teams have known their fate for some time now, but I will get into why only the Jets moved up significantly in a second.

So, the moment you have all been eagerly waiting for (I hope) is finally here!

Here is where the 12 teams we cover on this site ranked last week based on the last seven days!

Nets. 1. team. 147. The Nets’ magical winning streak came to end when they dropped a tough game to the Pacers on Friday. But, the Pacers are the better team. Then the Nets got back on track with a win vs the lackluster Suns at home. The Nets are still the most exciting team to watch right now. They have a real chance to make the playoffs and are exciting to watch. Way to represent, Brooklyn.. . Previous: 1st

Nassau/Brooklyn/Belmont Isles. 2. team. 106. The Isles did drop one to the Golden Knights, but had a great run against them. Until their first meeting this year, the Isles were the only team to never lose to VGK. Now, they have twice. But a rebound in Dallas vs a Stars team that embarrassed them in Brooklyn earlier this year keeps their ranking high. With two other teams in the market, the Isles remain the best of three in the market. Teams in the East are playing cat and mouse with the Isles for a playoff spot, but those teams are better on paper. But, the Isles are fun to watch and are still in the hunt. Oh, <a href=. . Previous: 2nd

. Previous: 4th. Jets. 3. team. 30. I never thought I would ever put the Jets in my top three in the year 2018, but here we are. They lost again, but that is just par for the course at this point. Losing is their standard and for now it does not matter. The Jets are number three because they have no played in two close games in a row. They took a really bad Packers team to OT. Albeit, they blew a two score lead, <a rel=

Previous: 3rd. Metsies. 4. team. 3. The New York Mets are still a top 5 team in New York even though it is December. They have had a fantastic offseason and most teams that are playing right now, are hot garbage. So, on the merit of not doing anything, and basking in the glory of what they have, they stay in the top 5. LGM..

The Bills lost their only game this week in New England vs the Pats. But, like I said for the Jets, that is par for the course. But, the Bills stay here for one thing and one thing only. <a rel=. . Previous: 5th. Buffalo Bills. 5. team. 16

43. The Yankees did not do anything either, but there are some teams that need to get buried in these rankings so the Yanks move up. Also, we another day closer to seeing what <a rel=. . Previous: 9th. Yanks. 7. team

9. team. 95. The Rangers are starting to struggle. It is getting ugly in the Garden. The Rangers have zero wins in the last seven days, but are not out of it yet, just not in it. I don’t really have much to say about them, but falling down these rankings at a similar rate as they are the East Standings. All’s well that end well.. . Previous: 6th. Rangers

27. The Knicks are tanking correctly. They are also terrible. Those two things go together. I am also feeling nice and need more teams in-season towards the top of the rankings. This is not the top, per say, but close. They have lost the Hawks at home since we last did these rankings. But, since losing is the new winning, and half the league tanking is the new NBA, the Knicks might actually be the best team in the NBA? I don’t know it’s all confusing. Just give me any one of the kids from Duke at this point. Does not even have to be <a rel=. . Previous: 12th. Knicks. 10. team

. Previous: 11th. Devils. 11. team. 85. The only thing the Devils have done strong this season is solidly stay as the 11th best team in the EWB Power Rankings. The Devils continue to struggle against real NHL teams. At least they can destroy the Ottawa Senators at home. Give me Mackenzie Blackwood more. Please and thank you.

31. I’m being a little harsh on the Giants here. I can admit that. But, let’s look at the facts. In their only game this week they blew another late lead vs the Colts. They have done that too many times this year. The defense cannot stop a nose bleed if it behind them, they’d let that comeback too. The Giants could be in the playoff picture if they were more clutch. 9-7 might be good enough for a wild card and 10-6 is almost guaranteed to be good enough to win the NFC East each year. But, this has nothing to do with the Giants pipe dream of contending this year hitting them like a truck as they trot to another losing season. This has to do with Justin Herbert, a QB prospect staying in school. The Giants might not even have a QB worth taking in the draft now. They might be stuck with Eli, this time involuntarily as he might literally be their best option. The Giants get 12th because they deserve it. Saquon was the correct pick but they waste his talent. I will give the Giants this, they are important enough to New York that even by being the worst team, I have talked about them the most. I miss when the Jets were worse, but I don’t even think I can say that anymore.. . Previous: 8th. New York Football Giants . 12. team

Well, there you have it the Nets top it and the Giants are on the bottom after another heartbreaking loss.

The “little brothers” the “smaller market” teams that are usually afterthoughts are taking over.

The Rangers, Giants, Knicks and Yanks are not as exciting as the Jets, Nets, Islanders, and Mets.

We should have one more ranking for you before the new year. But, this still goes without saying, 2019 is going to be a wild year for New York sports.

New York spots don’t stop so neither do we.

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Happy holidays!