New Jersey Devils: It is time to move on from Cory Schneider

New Jersey Devils. Cory Schneider (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images)
New Jersey Devils. Cory Schneider (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images) /

The New Jersey Devils do not have much going for them this season but there is a perk in having Cory Schneider be a tradable asset. The Devils should move on from Schneider if they can.

The New Jersey Devils and Cory Schneider has not been the best pairing, but the not the worst. He has done his job well but the team has mostly struggled since he arrived on the scene in 2013.

But now, the Devils have an out with him. He has been battling injuries for two seasons now only playing in nine games this year and just less than half of them this year.

Usually, the Devils couldn’t rely on Schneider’s dubbed “back up” Keith Kinkaid.

Kinkaid would be great for stretches then be relegated back to being the number two goalie.

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However, he has been the Devils’ number one this year.

Kinkaid is a solid option to be the number one goalie. I would even argue he is one of the best in the league, however, this does not even have anything to do with Keith Kinkaid.

The Devils now can use Schneider as a trade asset. That is because Mackenzie Blackwood has been playing sharp.

He has only started in one game but has been around for a little bit longer coming in as relief. He has a .930SV% and a 2.24GAA.

Those are pretty solid numbers in just a small sample and he also did a lot with little help around him for the Devils are one of the worst team in the NHL.

Blackwood might not seem like he is ready to start taking on a higher load. He is still a fresh prospect and the Devils should want to keep him down a little bit longer to develop.

However, the Devils are not really in a position to make a massive run and get back to the playoffs. That ship is very slowly beginning to set sail. They can afford to take this risk and experiment.

Also, he has tapped his potential quicker than I thought. He used his one start, in Columbus, to show off he has potential and ability.

Keith Kinkaid can also start transitioning into a bigger role, he did carry the Devils last season, for the most part, starting in 38 games and playing in half of them.

This season, he has been the number one option. He has started 27 of the games and been the guy.

So, that allows the Devils to keep rolling with Keith. He might not have the best numbers, but .901 save percentage in a high amount of SA with 825.

Then, when Kinkaid needs time off, he can still get it too.

Blackwood is better off being on the NHL roster, traveling with the team, working with the NHL coaches, and playing in more games.

This could render Schneider useless.

The Devils do not need to have three goalies on the roster. Three goalies that are healthy at the same time at that. Which could be the situation when Schneider comes off the IR.

The best part is, his contract is not nearly as bad as I initially thought. Yeah, he has four years and has a $6M cap hit, but, the need for goaltending is always pressing in the NHL.

Schneider is a veteran goaltender who has been battling injuries, but if the Devils want to trade him, they can get creative and start doing so.

It is still going to be tough to ship him to a team who is only trying to win now, however, but I wouldn’t rule out a trade.

But, regardless, it is likely time for the Devils to move on from Cory, or do anything they can to somehow make him less expensive to them.

The Devils should ride the hand of Kinkaid and let Blackwood stay up with the first team and play a lot as well.

Schneider has been a good Devil, but it might just be time to move on and focus on getting younger and keep rebuilding.

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There is no sense is keeping him just because they cannot get rid of him. This is not a goaltending problem. Too many options is never a problem. It is, however, a dilemma.