New York Giants: Current NFL QBs who could start for the Giants in 2019

New York Giants. Eli Manning. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
New York Giants. Eli Manning. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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New York Giants
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Nick Mullens

The Cinderella story could continue on the biggest stage, in New York.

There are no signs on what the 49ers will do with their de-facto backup of the future, but he might just have a future as a starter too.

Nick Mullens is 3-3 since taking over as the 49ers QB. He has 10TDs, 1,754 yards, a 64.5 completion percentage and just six interceptions.

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So, in six games, his numbers are relatively impressive.

The 49ers might be reluctant to trade Mullens due to the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo will be coming off an ACL tear.

But, if the Giants give an offer the Niners cannot refuse, then Mullens could come in and be the guy for the Giants.

Maybe San Francisco is just the right fit for Mullens, but the Giants might need a QB and sometimes that requires going for it.

Mullens is a decent QB, and has earned the right to at least start for an NFL team.

He is in a similar situation that Teddy Bridgewater was in when he was on the Jets. He was pinned behind other talent but has talent himself.

Mullens isn’t being held back by injuries of any kind in his pro career, but showed he can ball.

The Giants should offer up nice draft picks, maybe one as early as a second rounder, perhaps also throw in a player like Olivier Vernon to the 49ers to bulk up the offer.

But, if the Giants can land Nick Mullens, even in the short-term if they think they still need to find their “franchise guy.”

Either way, Mullens can be a part of the Giants in 2019 and help propel them into the years beyond.