EWB Power Rankings: Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders, and New York Mets lead us into the holiday

Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Brooklyn Nets. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

It is Wednesday so that means our EWB Power Rankings are in with the Brooklyn Nets, New York Mets, and New York Islanders leading the way. Find out where your team stands as we head into the holiday!

The Brooklyn Nets and New York Islanders are rolling in the heart of their seasons while the New York Mets continue to ball on their offseason.

However, this has actually been a great week overall for the New York market.

We all know Christmas time in New York City is tough to beat, but it is that much sweeter when the sports team are rolling.

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With it being the last Wednesday before the holiday, let’s rank the 12 teams we cover based how their last week has gone.

team. 147. The Brooklyn Nets enter December 19 action on a six game winning streak. It was not to long ago they were in the middle of an eight game losing steak. Now, they are rolling and everyone is helping. They just beat the Lakers at home and <a rel=. . Previous: 2nd. Nets. 1

team. 106. The Islanders end the week on a three game winning steak. Two of those wins came on the road during a back to back swing that saw two wins in two nights in two cities. Josh Ho-Sang is officially on the Isles score sheet this year with his goal in Arizona and the Isles are finally proving why they currently sit in a playoff spot as we near Christmas. That is the best present they could have given me.. . . Isles. 2

The New York Mets have given their fans some early Christmas gifts. The big gift came in the form of a closer via Seattle and this week they stuffed our stockings by sneaking in and signing <a rel=. . . Metropolitans. 3. team. 3

Previous: 6th. The Sam Darnold's. 4. team. 30. The New York Jets. Wow. They crank the top five even though they lost. For one, I think <a href=.

team. 16. I know I don’t like to get into the Bills that much in these rankings, but they deserve the top five this week. They are the only football team we cover that won this week and it was not easy. Without <a href=. . Previous: 11th. Buffalo Bills. 5

team. 95. A come from behind win during Tuesday’s game against the Ducks at home saved them from a free fall down the standings. The Rangers spent most of the week taking OT losses like a kid takes candy on Halloween. Their Tuesday win vs the Ducks saved that. The Rangers are still out of the playoff picture but have incredible fight. Fight alone does not usually beat out better talent but it calls for exciting hockey. The Rangers also have 11 home wins. So, going to The Garden to watch them is still fun, even with this roster.. . Previous: 8th. Rangers. 6

31. They scored zero points in an NFL game, of course they are going to be ranked poorly. I could have gathered myself and 10 of my friends and we would have scored zero points against the Titans as well. I understand football is hard, and I shouldn’t talk,  but I have such little tolerance for watching a team I cover get shutout. It happens, but it’s just as aggravating every time. But, hey, <a rel=. . Previous: 1st. G-Men . 8. team

43. I said it last week and I will say it again now, the New York Yankees will skyrocket the standings when/if they get <a rel=. . Previous: 7th. Yanks. 9. team

team. 85. The New Jersey Devils. What a mess. They are historically great so this is tough to swallow. But, my goodness, they are terrible this year. Both <a href=. . Previous: 10th. Devs. 11

team. 27. The Knicks lost to the Suns at home this past week. That is really all I need to say. I wanted to type “hahahaahaha” for a few lines, but obviously cannot do that. The Knicks are very bad. That is really it. They have a bunch of guys, but not the guy. First it was <a href=. . Previous: 12th. Zion's future team?. 12

Well, there you have it. My brutal honest take on each team in New York right now.

Most rankings will likely change by the time our next Power Rankings roll around because New York sports teams never sleep.

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Happy Holidays!