New York City FC: Most Memorable Moments in David Villa’s NYCFC Career

NYCFC. David Villa (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
NYCFC. David Villa (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /
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David Villa bid farewell to NYCFC on Wednesday, November 28. These are his most memorable moments in New York.

David Villa will never be replicated for New York City FC.

He came onto the team as the first employee in the entire system. There were no coaches, trainers, or even a field to play on. There was no front office, no ball boys, you’re starting to get the point.

Villa has had so many amazing moments in New York, it’s hard to put them down into one list. He was the face of New York City soccer since he came over from Madrid.

His face has been plastered across Subway platforms, billboards and bus stops all across Manhattan.

Not to say he was a pioneer of New York City soccer, many other teams have tried to make soccer the new “thing” in New York.

However, Villa gave it the strongest effort.

He was apart of the team that has left its mark on the City. the MLS hasn’t taken off like it should have, but without Villa, this league is not where they are today.

If you want to get some chills. here is an incredible video, narrated by Villa about what New York means to him.

There should be no hard feelings between the New York City FC front office, and Villa’s camp.

It was time for the superstar to move on from New York, and the team to build an identity without Villa.

NYCFC’s first signing, and their all-time leading scorer, Yankee Stadium will never be the same without Villa.

Here is the list of David Villa’s best moment in career in New York. What a great career it was.