New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Mets top this weeks NY Sports Power Rankings

New York Knicks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
New York Knicks (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

It is a wild time in New York sports because the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and New York Mets, who are in the offseason, sit atop our power rankings from the last calendar week.

It is my and hopefully your favorite time of the week because our New York Sports power rankings are out and is topped, oddly enough by the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and New York Mets.

Every week, things can change drastically, since last Wednesday, that could not be truer.

The Rangers and Islanders kept jumping in or out of playoff spots, the Red Bulls might have dug their own graves, and the Mets made a positive change in their offseason.

This is one of the best times of the year in New York. It is the holiday season, and the sports world is about to hit its peak.

Let’s dive right into the power rankings!

. Previous: 11th. Knicks. 1. team. 27. This might be the biggest jump in the history of any power rankings ever, not just here at Empire Writes Back. What I will say is this though, the Knicks are more number one because of their story, less cuz of their talent. They still are not a good team. In fact, they are quite terrible. But, what they have done in the last week is slap together a three game winning streak. They are tanking wrong but it is impossible to argue that the NBA and the city is better when the Knicks are winning. Even if it is by accident. I’l reward the Knicks simply for trying. The number one ranking might be the only things they win the rest of the year, thought. Congrats, Knicks. Don’t hurt yourselves in the fall back down.

95. The New York Rangers stay right about where they should be. Some brutal losses over the course of the weekend, but that is okay. The Rangers somehow had themselves in a spot where the losses didn’t hurt them too much. Also, at the time of this exact writing, they are in a playoff spot. I’m still waiting for them to flounder, but because <a rel=. . Previous: 2nd. Rangers. 2. team

Previous: 7th. Mets. 3. team. 3. It has been a very slow week if the New York Mets, who are in the offseason, get in the top three. However, they do deserve it. What I will say is this, as a fan and writer, I treat the Mets like a teenage kid who is one of my own. They almost look lost, need guidance, but supports. They often get themselves in trouble by doing many little stupid things, but you love them. Their 2015 run was like the kid making the honor roll. It is hard to repeat but very impressive. Why the Mets are in three right now is because they are like a kid around the holidays. As long as they don’t do anything stupid they will be rewarded. That is where we are. The Mets just hired <a rel=.

Nets. 4. team. 147. The Nets have no where else to go. They stay in the rankings like they have stayed in the standings this year. Not going up not going down. Just staying put. Luckily, for them they have done just enough to be in the top 5. <a rel=. . Previous: 4th

The Islanders are like their fellow Brooklyn counterpart. They are staying a float. However, a brutal loss to the Stars at home then another home loss to the Capitals has me very worried about their lack of talent catching up to them. They are still playing well and have <a rel=. . . Islanders. 5. team. 106

16. The Buffalo Bills are on a winning streak and are officially back in the hunt for a playoff spot. <a href=. . Previous: 8th. Bills. 6. team

. Previous: 5th. Yankees. 7. team. 43. The Yankees. Oh, the New York Yankees, never a dull moment with this wonderful franchise. Last week, it was getting <a href=

team. 31. The Giants humbled me in the rudest way possible and punished me for putting them at number one last week. I’m so done with this team that I wanted to put them last this week. However, I’ll give them this ranking because the season is at least less stressful now. We know their fate: focus on the 2019 Draft. That makes things easier in terms of stress level. Lose out please. Thank you, next.. . Previous: 1st. Giants. 8

10. team. 30. <a rel=. . Previous: 10th. Jets

The New Jersey Devils man. Bottom half of the Eastern Conference standings, bottom half of our Empire Writes Back Power Rankings. They are fun to watch sometimes, but it’s not really hockey scoring five and giving up six. Most of the Devils games are like that. Get a defense and then I’ll defend them. Pun intended.. . Previous: 12th. Devils. 11. team. 85

There are so many teams in New York with passionate fans, that the changes in these power rankings are going to be drastic every week.

Us here at EWB almost never miss a game from all 12 of the teams we cover.

So, be happy that these change so much, you might be surprised how quickly your favorite teams can turn things around in a week.

New York sports never stop. We promise, we have you covered.