New York Rangers, New York Red Bulls top this week’s New York Sports power rankings

Lias Andersson, Tony DeAngelo, New York Rangers. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Lias Andersson, Tony DeAngelo, New York Rangers. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

This is the greatest time of the year for New York sports and all the teams that make up the market, but the New York Rangers and New York Red Bulls are handling it with ease. Here is this week’s edition of out power rankings.

The New York Rangers and New York Red Bulls both are looking like the best teams in their respective sports in their respective markets. But where do the others rank?

However, they might be the two best, just in my opinion, but they are not the only teams that are in-season right now.

For this site, we cover New York sports. Meaning all the professional teams that make up the market. Throw in the Buffalo Bills, and that is a lot of coverage.

Luckily for us, there are a lot of teams, and in all five major sports, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS, there are stories to be told.

They are all different sports, but we follow them all. So these power rankings are really just saying who you should pay attention to the most right now.

So, here we go, this week’s edition, and the first ever, EWB New York Sports Power Rankings.

95. Do not look now but the Rangers are in a playoff spot! A team that is supposed to be rebuilding is sitting pretty in the Eastern Conference. The Metropolitan Division is either struggling right now, or the Rangers are over-achieving, either way if both keep happening this could be the best rebuild ever. The Rangers next game is Thursday night but even a loss would be okay, they can afford one. A fun Rangers team is a great NYC. They are the team to be most proud of right now. . . New York Rangers. 1. team

Rejoice, Giants fans the losing streak is over and the Giants have won a football game. Granted, the win was vs a terrible 49ers team. But, the moral of the story is this: they won the game and it took some <a rel=. . . New York Giants. 3. team. 31

. New York Islanders. 5. team. 106. This final spot in the top 5 was a toss up between the Islanders and the Nets, but the Islanders get the edge because of how well of a stretch they just ended. The Islanders are finally showing vulnerability with all the line changing they have going on, but still are only a few points out of the playoffs. They also have games in hand over teams above them. They are a good team, with not a lot of talent. That is the most New York thing ever. The Isles are, however, right on the cusp of plummeting even out of the top 10, they need to bank a few more points and soon..

6. team. 147. Ah, the Nets. It is pretty refreshing to have the Nets not be bottom dwellers at something. Despite the Nets coming off a bad string of losses, they still are coming off an admirable road trip. Beating the Suns is one thing, but a few nights later to stick it to the Nuggets in Denver, that is looking like the best win of the year so far. The Nets are impressively floating around .500 and the season is about to heat up. Also, the <a rel=. . . Brooklyn Nets

7. team. 16. We technically cover the Buffalo Bills here at Empire Writes Back so it is only fair game to include them in here. They won the game with <a rel=. . . Buffalo Bills

team. 3. With the New York Mets, no news is good news. It is literally that simple. They have not played since September but even with new General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen, they have not messed anything up yet. I’m taking the <a rel=. . . New York Mets. 8

9. team. 27. I will give the Knicks the benefit of the doubt here because with <a rel=. . . New York Knicks

The New Jersey Devils are exactly where I thought they would be at this point this season. Normally, simply meeting expectations would garner a higher ranking, but when the expectations are low, they don’t deserve a better ranking. The Devils are a team that made the playoffs last season. It was a great story, but now something Devils fans need to cling onto a little longer. The Devils are off to a rough start this year. Only highlight being a <a rel=. . . New Jersey Devils. 10. team. 85

. . New York Yankees. 11. team. 43. The Yankees are really only number 11 on here because there is no where else to put them. The Red Sox won the World Series and the baseball season ended in the worst possible way for them. But, it is encouraging the Yanks are already making some moves. Keeping guys like <a href=

12. team. 30. I really do not enjoy putting three teams that are in their offseason above the New York Jets in a power rankings that are based off of the last week of the sports world, but most of you cannot possible sit here and say they do not deserve it. Jets fans are proud and loyal and I never want that to change but they should be disgusted with this team. They should be hiding under rocks right now. There is playing terribly and then there is whatever the heck the Jets did on Sunday AT HOME to the Buffalo Bills. Not having <a rel=. . . New York Jets

New York sports never stop and there is alway news and storylines to follow with these teams. Us here at Empire Writes Back try our best to keep covering all of them.

So, this is how I ranked them.

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Agree? Disagree? Who should be higher? Who should be lower? Feel free to give a ranking of you own in the comments below.