Buffalo Bills: Painfully woeful offense is exactly what the Bills signed up for

Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills outplayed the Texans in Week 6 and still took their fourth loss in six games. With a defense to be feared and a brand new quarterback, the Bills have no one to blame for themselves for their lack of offense.

The Buffalo Bills can take the “defense wins championship” narrative and throw it away. The Bills defense played brilliantly on Sunday in Houston, yet the Bills still lost the football game.

The Bills defense, I’d even go as far as saying is top 5 in the league they are playing, but the Bills’ defensive elite-ness is not winning them games.

Why? Because the offense is THAT bad.

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The Buffalo Bills took a wild 2017 offseason, where they gutted their offense by trading away Sammy Watkins, and turned it into a 9-7 playoff season.

Perhaps simply getting to the playoffs was Head Coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Billy Beane’s first goal. They fulfilled that. However, what happened next is completely and utterly unorthodox.

The Bills took a playoff season and took the path less traveled.

Instead of keeping things together and seeing if one playoff appearance could turn into another, they completely gutted the team.

Tyrod Taylor, who is indeed limited but still got them there, was traded for draft capital.

Out was an underrated corner, E.J. Gaines.

In was a QB by the name of A.J. McCarron.

On draft day, the Bills wisely and methodically weaseled their way into the first round twice, moving up twice to get their “franchise player” on offense and defense in Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds respectively.

But, the Bills should still win an award for gutting a playoff roster the fastest because, at this point, they deserve to be 2-4 and already seemingly out of the playoffs.

The defense faced many changes in the offseason, but after a Vontae Davis walkout in the middle of a game, they found their groove.

But the offensive ineptitude, in another game where they failed to score more than one TD, is exactly what the Bills signed up for this year.

The Bills’ offseason can be traced back to losing half of their offensive line and barely moving a muscle in the process to fix it.

The lack of weapons on offense can be traced back to an odd reliance on Kelvin Benjamin who has proved nothing in his career.

Getting Josh Allen in the draft may or may not have been the correct the move. It is hard to evaluate.

He has, however, been doing things that many other Bills’ QBs before him couldn’t do. But, even he is not ready to lead this team.

Perhaps the Bills thought that Allen wouldn’t have to start right away and they could do this right. They likely know that Allen has no talents out wide and no one blocking for him.

But, their failure to once again fix it is what is hurting them. The Bills had A.J. McCarron. He failed to play well in the preseason so they got a future asset for him.

They then decided to head into the season with just Allen and Nathan Peterman. This is where the failure is.

Nathan Peterman can dazzle all he wants in practice and on film, at the end of the day, there has never been any other result from his NFL game reps then being a sheer embarrassment who has an INT rate triple that of the league average.

The writing on the wall screamed on a loop that Peterman is not an NFL QB. Not in garbage time, not to start, not for more than a handoff, not ever.

Yet, the Bills went into a game vs the Texans with a rookie QB, who has no help, who loves to take hits with only Peterman as the backup.

Allen gets hurt, which was bound to happen with how many times he gets bombarded. Instead of activating Derek Anderson, who they just signed to be the mentor to Allen, they once again played Peterman.

Peterman threw a dime of a TD which he has done in the past. However, he completely offset that my throwing the pick six that would win the Texans the game.

Fool me once shame on me, the Peterman experiment failed when he made his first start last year. Whatever, they tried it and it didn’t work.

But, they then started him in Week 1 this year, he miserably failed again in the Bills’ worst blowout loss in recent memory.

Just a tidbit, Peterman also threw an INT in the 2017 Playoff game for the Bills, costing them their last chance to win that too.

There is no excuse for this. Peterman is not any type of answer for an NFL QB.

The Bills signed up for having an offense this bad. They went into the season ill-prepared with an unproven rookie QB with no help, and an INT, proven failure in Nathan Peterman.

This is not an issue the Bills can fix with scheme changes. This is not an issue that bringing in coach after coach can fix.

The Buffalo Bills wasted this offseason by getting no significant talent. They wasted this season so far by having no preparation for the worst. The worst only got worst so far.

The Buffalo Bills can have as elite a defense as they want. They can generate five turnovers a game.

But, to win in the NFL you need to able to score TDs. Just last week vs the Titans the Bills were the beneficiary of this. They scored the TD the Titans failed to and they won the game.

In Houston, they scored but then failed to do so again leading to one mistake costing them the game. The best NFL teams can afford a mistake or two and still win, the Bills cannot afford to do so.

And no, this is not eating sour grapes. This is not complaining about a bad product, which it is.

This is simply saying what many others won’t. The Bills have no one to blame but themselves for having a terrible offense.

Sure, the Bills are still fixing the mistakes of an old regime and can’t use any money to fix this now. Yes, now they seemingly have their QB and can build elsewhere.

But, there is still time to look at this now and see that it is not working. The Bills will not make the playoffs and they likely will not even get a top five draft pick, but they can still help the development of Josh Allen.

The Bills can still avoid becoming the national laughing-stock again.

We are not even halfway through the 2018 season and the offense has now cost them half their games.

This is exactly what they signed up for.

Josh Allen will never face a test this tough again, being a rookie and having no help around him, so perhaps that is the one positive thing.

But, in order to enjoy the rest of the 2018 season understand this.

The product is the fault of their own wrongdoings. The only people who can fix it is now McDermott and Beane.

They invested in the future and are sacrificing the now. It better work out or the Bills and Josh Allen are doomed.

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Until then, try to enjoy a great defense and the end half of LeSean McCoy‘s career. Just do not expect a lot of win in an NFL where scoring points wins you games. Crazy, I know.