New York Red Bulls have built a future megastar in Tyler Adams

New York Red Bulls. Tyler Adams (Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. Tyler Adams (Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images) /

New York Red Bulls player Tyler Adams is out there scoring goals for the USA national team, but we must never forget it is the Red Bulls who have helped build him.

This is a good time to throw away the narrative that the New York Red Bulls are a joke because they cannot win the MLS Cup, or really any Cup for that matter.

Yes, results in soccer are what matters, but for once, this is not about trophies or image or reputation. It is about pride.

The New York Red Bulls are doing things for the game locally and nationally that will, for the most part, help it grow. If that is all they have to boast to their image, so be it.

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In particular, Tyler Adams is a homegrown Red Bulls prodigy. He came through all the ranks necessary to eventually get to the USA national team, to starting for them, and now scoring goals.

Yes, many other clubs could have theoretically done the same for Adams. They are indeed fortunate to have been the ones to grow him. But, it is still a local New York kid making it big with the help of his hometown team. Great story.

Starting from his earliest years as a teenager, to the New York Red Bulls II (their developmental team), to now, he has worn the Red Bulls’ crest.

Tyler Adams might one day soon go off to Europe and make a name for himself elsewhere. That might sting for the die-hard or casual New York Red Bulls supporters alike, but he is simply good enough to do so.

It is rumored that he will be going to RB Leipzig which is the same ownership as the Red Bulls so at least he will stay in the Red Bulls family.

But, that is only part of the story. The Red Bulls will let him go off to Europe and be a star over there, it is only right.

Also, he is only 19 years old. He will be on the USA national team for years to come and is a wunderkind for a reason. Despite his immense success already, he is still a prodigy, a growing star.

Tyler Adams will one day very soon be a common name. Every MLS fan knows him, all USMNT supporters know him, and maybe soon every soccer supporter in general will.

So no matter how much success the New York Red Bulls go on to have or not have. No matter if they win the shield with Adams this year or not one thing will always stay true.

Tyler Adams is a product of immense natural talent that the Red Bull Academy and the New York Red Bulls helped grow into what he is about to become.

Winning their first-ever MLS Cup is still the main goal. It is still the only thing that should matter for this team.

But, the fact that Tyler Adams will forever be one of their first ever homegrown talent success stories is important to their image and the game as well.

Tyler Adams will be a megastar for US soccer. The men’s team, as bad as things are, and as long as it might take, have only tapped their potential and Adams will be along for the ride.

So, if the Red Bulls can keep pumping out the local talent, and keep developing talented kids to put into the MLS and beyond, they will be successful here one day.

There might never be another Tyler Adams, but the same academy and club that produced him will easily come close to morphing a player like him again.

If that is the New York Red Bulls’ gift to the MLS and soccer, you should be proud to support them regardless.

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Congrats Tyler, the first of many. Maybe Red Bull doesn’t only come in cans.