New York Red Bulls: Daniel Royer’s recent emergence helps suppress Red Bulls’ biggest flaw

New York Red Bulls. Daniel Royer (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls. Daniel Royer (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The New York Red Bulls finally have someone other than a guy named Bradley who can go off on any given night. Daniel Royer’s recent tear takes away from their biggest flaw.

The New York Red Bulls, deservingly so, are basking in their dramatically earned point out in Vancouver over the weekend.

Now, as they prepare for another round  of Hudson River Derby in 2018 on Wednesday, they can finally get as creative as possible with their attack.

Chris Armas has done an outstanding job for the Red Bulls this season. He took over a great team in the middle of the season on short notice.

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The Red Bulls are still a great team and he has done just enough to have some visible changes but also not too much to plummet the Metro’s down the standings.

But, perhaps the best thing Armas has done so far is getting all he has gotten out of Daniel Royer. Royer, the third year Red Bull, is finally coming into his own and should finish out the season with the most goals he has ever scored since arriving.

His two braces in three matches stand alone in terms of what they have done for the Red Bulls. The four points the team has earned in those matches can even be the difference in the Red Bulls winning or not winning the shield.

One thing is for sure though, one of the Red Bulls’ biggest problems, and “problem” might even be the wrong word here, is now put on the back burner when teams are prepping to play the Red Bulls.

Typically, if you can shut down Bradley Wright-Phillips, you can shut down the Red Bulls. Do not even get me started on how that has been reflected in the playoffs.

Bradley Wright-Phillips is lethal. He is the best player in the MLS to a lot of standards. And it is 100% not his fault if he gets smothered and shut down sometimes.

The problem lies with the rest of the squad. They have so much talent, don’t get me wrong. A lot of MLS teams also face the challenge of only having one perennial goal scorer.

However, it Royer keeps this up, the Red Bulls could be looking at two threats to score. That, for sure, is really difficult to stop.

Their success typically has a correlation too. Wright-Phillips has been creating chances for Royer, but now there is other ways to get Royer to score.

The Red Bulls, now have two scorching hot players. NYCFC will not be able to keep up, at least not easily.

So, the Red Bulls almost have no flaws in their attack now. An opposing squad can shut down Bradley all they want because Daniel Royer will come in hot and provide great goal awareness.

What this means is the if the Red Bulls do not end up winning it all, there is a chance they would have taken accountability and it would be their own faults.

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There is simply too much goal production from two players right now to make excuses.