New York Red Bulls: Talent is the teams best asset

New York Red Bulls (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The 2018 New York Red Bulls continue to impress and play well despite having to overcome circumstances that are large, small, in, or out of their control. The reason is how talented they truly are.

The New York Red Bulls are a legit soccer club right now. On and off the pitch they continue to maintain a spot high in the League standings.

Not to mention this is by far the roughest stretch of the season for the Red Bulls. And by that I mean I’m talking about just the match weeks themselves. The past two matches saw them take a full six points vs two playoff teams in Kansas City and New England.

Before that, they were even beating teams like Seattle, Toronto, Atlanta, and Columbus. These matches are not walks in the park and the Red Bulls made it seem that way.

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Oh, let us not forget that during that stretch they also lost their ex-head coach, Jesse Marsch, in the middle of a busy schedule.

They already lost Kyle Duncan for the season and before their match against NYCFC two weeks ago, they lost Florian Valot, who was really coming into his own as an asset for them.

However, no matter what obstacle is put in front of this club they grab it by the horns and take it down. Almost nothing that is going on outside of the pitch is affecting them in any way

So, of all the things the Red Bulls do well what is this teams biggest asset? What is the main reason they find themselves in the midst of another Supporter’ Shield race?

It is their talent. Plain and simple.

The team is just immensely talented. I’m so sick of the “no big stars” narrative. It simply does not matter right now. This team might not look like the best MLS team on paper, but that is fine.

As a team, they mold so well together. You can tell that with the way they play they mold together perfectly and play for each other. They always play well and make very few mistakes and bail one another out if they do

Their captain is goalie Luis Robles. He is one of the longest-tenured MLS players ever. All the while he makes clutch save after clutch save.

The biggest scorer on the team is Bradley Wright-Phillips and he is one goal away from MLS immortality. Also, he scored so often he has become one of the most reliable soccer players on the planet.

Their newest designated player, we call him “Kaku,” is so filthy with the ball and can put it wherever he wants and is the league leader in assists.

Tyler Adams, the pride, and joy of their “homegrown” campaign and New York native is not only one of the rising stars in United States soccer but of the rising stars on the planet. His reported move to Europe after the season has little to no ffect on the team’s performance.

The defense, Tim Parker included, is the best in the MLS, even Chris Armas slightly changing the style of play does not change that. New York’s Red side feels impenetrable.

So, whatever the issue may be, on or off the pitch, the Red Bulls are resilient. But their resilience is not a coincidence.

Their talent is there. It is immense and it works. They even have the depth to keep great players on the bench to begin games.

This team does not have many flaws. Rather their mistakes are all mental or just ill-timed. The talent is what is carrying this team so far and will continue to do so.

So, the Red Bulls need to capitalize on having Tyler Adams and sneak in great, memorable moments while they have this window of skill.

Other teams are close or catching up to having a team like the Red Bulls. Same goes for the development of the players and growing local talent.

However, almost none are better than the Red Bulls right now. It does not matter what is happening off the pitch, because on it, the Red Bulls’ talent will overcome all else.

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It might seem like it has been this way for a while but still just not quite like this. Get ready for the playoffs because the Red Bulls are going to be there.