New York Jets: Study ranks fan base in the middle of the pack

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 13: New York Jets fan (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 13: New York Jets fan (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images) /

A recent study by Emory University of NFL fans has ranked the New York Jets fan base right in the middle of the pack, showing no respect for the passion.

NFL fans are passionate in general, but it takes a special breed to be a fan of the New York Jets. First of all, there is the reputation. We have always been second fiddle to the Giants, and it stings. There also is the team history. There have been a lot of lean years for the Gang Green, I don’t have to tell anyone reading this. It takes passionate people to be, and remain fans of the Jets. We wouldn’t stay if we weren’t passionate to epic proportions.

Jets fans know how passionate they are, but how do they stack up against the rest of the league? Like previously mentioned, all NFL fans are passionate about their teams. It can be interesting to come up with a list of the best fan bases. Recently, Emory University did just that. They actually performed an academic study to rank every NFL fan base.

Off topic, that would have been a fun study to work on, would it not?

Here are the three categories the teams were ranked on:

"Fan Equity: How much fans spend on their team, at the ticket office and on memorabilia/regalia. (Best: Cowboys, 49ers, Patriots; worst: Rams, Raiders, Jaguars)Social Equity: How passionate fans are in following their teams on social media across all channels. (Best: Patriots, Cowboys, Steelers; worst: Rams, Jaguars, Titans)Road Equity: How well teams draw on the road, adjusting for their win-loss record. (Best: the NFC East, Pittsburgh; worst: Texans, Titans, Browns)"

You can follow the link to the study for more details.

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Overall, the study ranked the Jets at 15th. Their highest rank was in fan equity (13th). They were placed 17th in the categories of social equity and road equity.

Normally we wouldn’t even be talking about this, but since we are in a slow period and it was done by a legitimate university, it was worth discussing.

It’s surprising that the fan base qualified in the bottom half of the league in social equity. Has Emory University SEEN Jets Twitter? Some of the best discussions and the fiercest arguments have occurred on Twitter. Jets fans come out of nowhere to debate over that particular medium. Surely that deserved to be, at a minimum, in the top half of the league, right?

If the Jets don’t deserve to be there, the social media followings of other teams must be absolutely frightening.

The least surprising is the category of road equity. Granted, many New Yorkers have scattered throughout the country. But this isn’t the Yankees. When the Jets aren’t good, which we all know is fairly often, they aren’t going to draw a lot of fans in random cities. Miami may be an exception because it’s a place in particular that New Yorkers flock to. It predominantly doesn’t happen, though. Being in the bottom half of the league is no surprise.

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That number has a big chance of changing in the next few years. What racks up the passion of a fan base? Winning. With Sam Darnold in the fold, the Jets have an excellent chance, if done correctly, of finally turning that corner. Nothing improves a football team’s brand more than winning.

Middle of the pack, for now.