New York Rangers: Rangers make trade to close out busy but solid first round

The New York Rangers logo. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
The New York Rangers logo. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

The New York Rangers knew they had a busy night ahead of them but that did not stop from working hard. The Rangers close out their round by making a trade and drafting two defensemen.

Well, the New York Rangers began the night that many teams and fans were talking about due to their influx of first round selections. By the time the night ended they ended up not making too much noise, that is a good thing.

The Rangers had three picks but two outside of the top 25. They quickly changed that by trading with the Ottawa Senators. By doing so the blue shirts lost the 48th pick and their 26th pick.

The Rangers made less of a splash than some thought but still made a relatively safe and smart move. This draft was not about making a splash or making big trades, it was about getting talent and rebuilding a foundation.

The Rangers already got their winger in the top 10 but going defense in a defensive rich draft at 22 and 28 was a smart decision.

Here is how the Rangers ended up doing.

Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. Wisconsin. 22. 95. D. K'Andre Miller . player

K’Andre Miller is a great pick. At around 6′ 4″ he was one of the bigger players selected. Even after some players who were not even 6′. The best part is he plays at the college level. He is going to the University of Wisconsin.

He will learn how to play hockey at that level. The college thing is a direct correlation with their Rangers’ new head coach David Quinn.

Miller has experience playing different positions all over the ice . However, it might take time for him to perfect the defensive role but his size alone is something encouraging. If the only thing he has to do to be NHL ready is some fundamental stuff, that is a good thing.

The Rangers used an in-season trade to lock up the 28th selection too. Here is who that pick ended up being.

Pick Analysis. D. Sweden. Nils Lundkvist . 95. Scouting Report. 28 . player

Nils Lundkvist is trying to be the next great “vist” in Rangers history. This pick is not a flashy one nor a special one but respectable considering the circumstances.

Yet another defensive player that is under six feet tall, this Lundkvist is not too far off the rest that went higher than him.

Not too much should be expected from him anytime soon. At 28 overall it is not imperative he thrives right away. The Rangers just seem to be using the picks they traded for.

Swedish defensemen are growing on trees now and he might be one of them that is just bound for success at the NHL level.

Overall, the Rangers had a very solid draft. They just needed this draft to literally select players and build a prospect pool deep enough to be fool-proof . This draft is the beginning of that. The Rangers have more picks in Day 2 of the draft as well.

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The Rangers drafted three players representing three different countries and two positions on the ice in the first round alone. Cannot ask for too much more during a rebuilding time.