New Jersey Devils: Taylor Hall wins MVP for year that changed the Devils forever

New Jersey Devils. Taylor Hall (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
New Jersey Devils. Taylor Hall (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The NHL Awards are officially over and the New Jersey Devils were represented in the best way possible. Their star, Taylor  Hall, takes home the Hart Trophy for league MVP.

The New Jersey Devils’ magical season continues in the most historic way possible. At the NHL Awards for the 2017-2018 season, Taylor Hall won the MVP award.

To say he deserved it is fair. His point streak was nothing short of impressive and the Devils had one of their most fun seasons ever.

Despite winning the draft lottery going into last season the Devils still seemed like they were in for a long year. Things were looking better but did not quite seem to just be there yet.

The season even included a plethora of injuries and being forced to trade away fan-favorite Adam Henrique.

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But, we all know how the season ended for the Devils. They ended one of the longest playoff droughts in hockey and ended up putting up a decent fight vs a Lightning team that was much better than them in the playoffs.

Even just making the playoffs was shocking and successful.

It is not too far off to say Taylor Hall is the biggest reason why they got to the playoffs too. Every single game he went out there to play hockey and to win.

Even during the roughest of stretches for the Devils, during the days where they were losing the most, he played his heart out and contributed in any way he could.

Whether it was scoring goals, which he is very good at, or generating passes to let others get the glory, he was the centerpiece of it all.

The Devils’ top line went from looking like one of the weakest in the NHL at the beginning of the season to one of the deadliest down the stretch.

The Devils did not have the most depth and were not the best team. But, as it turns out, they literally had the most valuable player.

Although the Devils are not done with their rebuild, just having Taylor Hall play his best hockey, perhaps the best in the league, was good enough to work this year.

Fellow nominee Nathan MacKinnon, and his team, the Avalanche, had a season that paralleled the Devils’ to an extent. Both teams just sneaked into the playoffs. However, at the end of the day, Hall is the right choice.

Hall’s season is now historic for two ways. HIs marvelous points streak and now he is the first Devils player ever to win the MVP.

Congrats to Hall, the Devils, and all of the NHL for a wonderful season. Bringing home the MVP award to New Jersey is just about the only thing that franchise has never won or had.

Now, they do. Perhaps more importantly, everyone else knows it now. What a moment for the Devils and their fans. Just to think Hall is only the biggest piece of the puzzle, not the whole thing.

Both he and the team will only get better. But for the individual player, it does not get much better than this.

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Also, congratulations go out to the Devils for other reasons. Respect to Brian Boyle for winning the perseverance award. Both Devils players fully deserve their respective awards.