New York Yankees: Didi Gregorius is the teams Swiss Army knife

New York Yankees. Didi Gregorius. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
New York Yankees. Didi Gregorius. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

The 2018 New York Yankees are filled with stars and legacy. However, it is Didi Gregorius who is Yanks’ Swiss Army knife.

The New York Yankees are heading only up and in the right direction in 2018 so far. They hit a ton of home runs and have good enough pitching. They know where they lack and need to improve the most.

Didi Gregorius is not the team’s MVP per say, however, he is the guy who does it all and is the most useful for whatever they need him for that day.

Aside from a scorching hot, MVP caliber month of April Didi had, he is now sort of back down to earth in terms of overall numbers and where he is expected to be.

I still think he is having an All-Star caliber season overall. Even through his brutal slump, he remained an overall asset to the Yankees.

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Much like a Swiss Army knife, Didi has usefulness in every aspect of the game. He can hit, he can field, he is good with the media, great on social media, has power, efficiency, great clubhouse guy.

In almost every aspect of baseball, including the just having fun part, Didi is capable of doing. Even when he slumps, everyone else picks up the slack. When he is rolling, there is room for others to slump.

Didi, much like the Army knife, can come in and fix any problem. Even if the Yankees do not need the tool for any reason, it is still useful to have around.

Didi can hit from any spot in the lineup and he always comes through in the clutch. No matter the stage or the opponent, he is ready.

Like the Swiss Army knife, he is not the best at one thing but he is useful and provides a spark to all things.

The Yankees have a deep roster and he does not need to hit all the home runs, get all the RBIs, field all the plays. He just needs to be a cheery guy, keep playing hard, keep playing right and keep playing well.

During a typical stretch of the season he does all those things. The Yankees faithful are starting to love his enthusiasm too. He is a great follow on Twitter and fun to watch when the Yankees are winning. Just try to focus on his demeanor when he is playing well, it is great.

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There is no doubt Yankee fans know what they have in Didi. It is okay if he can only provide one of his many tools at once to fix a specific need, however, having the entire weapon is the most useful things of all. Not a bad tool, or player, to have around.