New York Jets: Despite all the drama, Robby Anderson is a legit threat to become a star

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

The New York Jets finally look to be turning the corner in terms of building a roster with the intention to win. Robby Anderson is a threat to be one of the league’s next best stars as long as he gets his head screwed on straight.

The New York Jets‘ recent lack of success comes mostly from a weak roster and no intention to be an offensive powerhouse. After drafting Sam Darnold and singing Teddy Bridgewater, they want their future QB now.

It’s always good to see teams get their franchise guy. Sam Darnold has the potential to be that guy. However, that might not happen in 2018 with the trend of young QBs starting their career on the bench.

Darnold is lighting it up in camp. But it is still no certainty that he is going to be the Week 1 starter at QB.

What is a certainty, despite the potential to face league discipline, is Robby Anderson being the Jets’ top wideout in 2018.

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Last season, Anderson emerged as the top threat down the field. He has an amazing chemistry with Josh McCown too. That is something McCown can try to teach to Darnold or Teddy.

The biggest concern with Anderson has nothing to do with football. That is perhaps more of a problem. Its easier to fix some lacking skill sets on a football field than it is to fix demons in a players personal life.

Anderson keeps saying he learned how from all his arrests and or other legal troubles. With great leadership around him in the organization, which includes Josh McCown, Anderson needs to apply the positive things he learns to his personal life.

But, as we all know, the talent is there. He broke out in 2017 and was easily the number one guy all year. He emerged onto the scene to make a name for himself as a Jet but needs to take that leap into becoming a league-wide name.

I feel, as I imagine a lot of others feel, that he has the potential to be a legit star in the NFL. He has the raw fundamentals to be a star in the NFL.

He needs to get his head screwed on straight. His passion on the field last year caused him to do some questionable things but that is the least of Anderson’s and the teams’ problems right now. His off the field stuff is worse.

He is a great football player and gets to play for loyal fans in New York City. It is sometimes a tough task to understand that his actions are bad anywhere but can even more of an issue in the New York market.

Robby Anderson wants to be a star. Sam Darnold is a QB he can easily succeed with for a long period of time in the future.

He just needs to get it together. Let’s get him back in the headlines for football and less for other stuff that is avoidable.

If Anderson does get it together, he is talent wise, not including the slight fall off of maybe getting used to a new QB, ready to break onto the scene in the NFL.

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He only got better as the year went on last season and clearly plays like he wants it. Jets fans get used to hearing Robby Anderson’s name more often because this can easily happen. I have faith Robby Anderson will get it together.