New York Red Bulls: Red Bulls squash NYCFC again, prove they reign supreme in New York

New York Red Bulls (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
New York Red Bulls (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The New York Red Bulls once again defeat NYCFC in dominant fashion. The win at home shows who the best soccer team in New York is.

The New York Red Bulls beat New York City FC in the US Open Cup to punch their ticket to the round of 16. New York’s red side won 4-0 in a lopsided performance.

This rivalry, so far this year, is just as lopsided as the upcoming Yankees-Mets Subway Series will be. One team is clearly better right now.

As good as New York City FC has been, the Red Bulls are better. Despite the Citizens having a higher ranking in the league standings, where the Red Bulls have played two fewer  matches, they just can’t keep up with Jesse Marsch‘s attack.

NYCFC is not a bad team, in fact, a great one. They can finally win without soccer legend David Villa on the pitch. That is something they used to never do. However, they just do not have the same depth as the Red Bulls do.

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This win is not only surprising in the fact that the Red Bulls scored four goals and City scored zero, but because of how well the Red Bulls are playing in Cup competition lately.

This is the very same club that went all the way to the final of this same tournament last season. The Red Bulls have yet to win any trophies in MLS but they are oh so close.

This win falls in one of the busiest weeks for the Red Bulls too. They are showing a lot of adversity. On Saturday, they suffered a defeat on the road. On Wednesday night, on short rest, they rebounded to win against their rival.

The Red Bulls hit the road again on Saturday to visit Columbus. Now that the club is advancing, the trend of multiple matches in the same week will continue throughout the summer. But, the club is proving that doesn’t matter.

I’m going to be honest with you, knowing the rough weekend the Red Bulls had prior to this match and knowing the rough weekend they have ahead now, I was worried the Red Bulls would drop a dud this match.

They proved me wrong once again. The Red Bulls are a really solid, complete, and deep team this year. This was not even their best roster because a bulk of their starting XI is on international duty in prep for the World Cup.

But, the Red Bulls keep playing well on big stages this year, regardless of what is on the line, just a big stage, they always seem to grind it out and play well.

I hope this is the year the Red Bulls finally break through and win some trophies. The team is not only showing they are good enough but the loyal supporters deserve it.

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Not to mention, as of right now the Red Bulls are the best soccer team in New York. These kinds of bragging rights are important with so many teams and rivalries in this town.