New York Mets: What Mickey Callaway should have said in meeting

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After the New York Mets lost to the Cubs on Friday to fall below .500, Mickey  Callaway had a “team meeting” once the game went final. Here is what he should have said to each player.

The New York Mets, somehow, before Friday’s loss to the Cubs managed to have a .500 record. But that loss made them fall below .500. After an 11-1 start, that is pathetic.

When this weekend’s series vs the Cubs concludes, the Mets are regardless going to have one of the worst records in the NL. Things are falling and quickly.

According to Anthony DiComo, Mets beat writer for, skipper Mickey Callaway held what can be considered a team meeting. What he is said to each player is essentially about flaws in their skill.

Only talking to a few players, Callaway is still is trying to light a fire under his team. If it going to work is yet to be determined. But, here is what I think he should have said to some of the players, based on where the team currently sits and well, his apparent logic.

Here is what he should say to some of the players on his team:

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To Brandon Nimmo: Are you lost or something? You are way too hot right now. The Bronx is on the other side of the bridge. You might actually be a Yankee.

To Michael ConfortoPlease note, he reportedly actually did talk to the All-Star about his defense but there is more to it than that.

He should have said something like this: The undisputed future or the undisputed flash in the pan? Reach your immense potential Michael before they show you the door.

To Zack WheelerYou’re finally showing us that you know what you are doing. It’s too bad me not knowing what I am doing cost you the win.

To Jose ReyesYou were a super important piece 10 years ago. Keep it up we would love to keep around for no reason.

To Devin MesoracoYou can actually throw base runners out. I don’t know if I like it but at least you’re not Matt Harvey.

To Hansel RoblesYou exclusively give up massive, embarrassingly hard-hit home runs. It keeps the team on their toes, I like it. You will continue getting a ton of chances.

To Adrian GonzalezYou’re a veteran, I love veterans. This signing luckily is working out. Who’s Peter Alonso?

To Jacob deGromWe don’t deserve you. You pitch great and the offense and bullpen take the day off when you pitch. Honestly, you might deserve my job.

To Yoenis CespedesYou are the biggest name on this team but please get healthy so the fans can think of 2015 again.

To Noah SyndergaardYou strained your finger? You won’t be out long but it is still the most justified thing to happen all season, it’s symbolic. But hurry back, we need you.

To the rest of the bullpen: I’m going to overuse you so be ready. None of you can really do your job but I will not realize that until it’s too late and we are 10 games out to start July.

All jokes aside, I am glad the Mets’ skipper took it upon himself to get control back of the team a little bit. It is now or never for the Mets in 2018 and they need to be able to control their own luck.

Their players cannot keep messing up and not be executing the competition is just too deep right now.

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Hopefully, they start realizing that soon. A lot of things need to change and I am glad Callaway is finally realizing it.