New York Jets ultimate starting lineup – offense

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Right Guard: Dan Alexander

It’s never easy to choose who is the best when it comes to offensive linemen. It’s not as if we can just look up some tangible numbers the way we do for skilled position players. As you have seen on previous pages, longevity goes a long way with me. Dan Alexander was a staple of the Jets offensive line for more than a decade.

Alexander was drafted in the eighth round of the 1977 draft and took the job during that season. He remained the team’s right guard until the end of the 1989 season. He was on the front lines for the biggest seasons of Freeman McNeil’s career. The early 1980s were known for the “Sack Exchange” but the offense had firepower as well. The offensive line is always a big part of the success of an offense.

If you look at the passing game, Alexander spent several years blocking for Ken O’Brien. He was one of the top passers in this team’s history and was considered for this list. However, he was no scrambler. He was trusted to keep O’Brien upright for several years. He makes the cut to protect Chad Pennington. Dan Alexander rounds out the guard positions. Only one position left.