New York Knicks: One way the Knicks can steal the NBA Draft

Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

How can the New York Knicks make the best of a poor drawing  in the lottery?

Let’s not pretend there was an actual chance that the New York Knicks were actually going to get a top three pick. The chances were slim and there were just too many teams with worse records than them.

However, it sure would have been nice for the Garden faithful to get some luck in this lottery.

After all the Knicks once again have a new coach who is going to come in and completely change things once again. I personally do not think their roster is very good right now anyway.

Getting lucky and earning a higher pick would have been a nice way to change the trajectory of the team and help put an end to the seemingly gloomy days ahead.

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But, of course that did not happen. The Phoenix Suns will select first, they deserve it. However, that does not mean the Knicks cannot create their own luck.

So, let me propose to you something unlikely to happen but something that is interesting to think about, something that will speed up the “natural process” that has let the Knicks down for so many years now.

What if the New York Knicks worked out a deal with the Phoenix Suns to go out and grab that first overall pick? It would take a lot but the Knicks need to start being aggressive.

Don’t get me wrong, right now, some big boards have the Knicks getting Mikal Bridges from Villanova. He would be a solid pick to bolster their god awful defense.

But, who wouldn’t want the first overall pick? This is far from the best draft in recent memory but there are still franchise changing players set to be league ready now.

So, here is what I was thinking. The Suns have never once earned the first overall pick. Never, not once, have they been in this position. However, for the right offer they might settle for moving down and stay in the top 10.

Please note I’m not trying to start any rumors nor have I heard any. This is just what I personally think would be smart.

So, here is what I propose:

Perhaps a few more things come into play here. Like whatever salary rules have to be met, the consecutive years rule etc. But this would be the bulk of the proposed trade. The draft pick trade rules are complicated so instead of me poorly explaining it, let’s try to make it simple to understand.

The Suns also have a few more picks than most teams in the later rounds this year as well something they have not forgotten about. So, they can still use this draft to build.

Another slight reason why the Suns could pull the trigger and want Kristaps is because of who their respective head coach is. Igor Kokoskov is the guy in charge now and his European basketball roots dig deeper than anyone else’s in the NBA.

Instead of the first overall pick he might want to take on an already proven European sensation who is still young.

Now, it seems like the Knicks would be giving up way too much here. I would even agree with that but considering there a few worthy players capable of going number one overall plus the Suns never having #1 before, this will costs the Knicks everything.

The catch here is this, I’m sure the Knicks are learning from the Nets to not give up the kitchen sink of draft picks. But, this one would not go beyond a few season and allows the Knicks to improve instantly.

The rest of the holes on the team can be filled with smart, free agent signings.

Of course, trading Kristaps would be a power move and his health is in question but his talent speaks for itself. His value to the Knicks is obvious. What he has done for this team when no one else has stepped up can never be forgotten.

However, the Knicks don’t feel close to contending. They need a lot of help. They can create their own luck by moving up. Get their guy. Fresh start. Get rid of all the pieces of the old regime.

Let Fizdale get players he needs. Truly let him be the guy. There are so many reasons why I feel like this would be a risk the Knicks need to take.

Yes, of course, the Knicks might not have to move all the way up to #1 overall. They might not even have to move up at all. But, why not take a chance. Go change the course, the narrative, the vibe around this team. Get the best player. Get him now.

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Sure, as long as James Dolan is running the show things might never change but sometimes going all-in pays off. Even you think history is not on their side, doing things the way have been is not working out either.

This is all theoretical. Of course, it is all unlikely. But, hopefully, this is something to think about. Let’s see how fun we can make the New York Knicks’ draft this year.